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Business Hosted Voice

Improve your business communication and customer support.

Choose a cost-effective voice solution for your business with our Business Hosted Voice service. You will save on capital expenditure by adapting this simple pay-as-you-grow model. No need to invest in an expensive PBX and incur maintenance costs.

You will also benefit from many added value services and premium features to customise the solution to your needs, including Auto Attendant IVR and Single Number Reach.

Easy payment plans

Simply, choose your handset models and your handset payment plan and just pay a nominal monthly service fee. Available payment plans:

  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Lease-to-own 12 months
  • Lease-to-own 24 months

Competitive call rates

You will enjoy free national landline calls, per second billing, competitive international call rates and more.


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  • Benefit Details
    Lower costs The hosted voice service will lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to purchasing the large complex voice systems.
    High reliability and security Our business services provide highly secure and reliable networks to ensure that enterprises have full access to their voice solutions without compromising security.
    Flexibility Your enterprises can choose service configurations that meet their requirements and have the ability to adjust these voice services quickly and easily.
    Discounted international rates up to 50% Save up to 50% on all international calls to any destination in the world
    Pay by the Second Pay by the Second rates on all your calls (local, national and international) made with your business voice services.
    FREE local calls Call within your Emirate for FREE from any of our business fixed services
    FREE National calls Call any landline within the UAE for FREE from our business fixed voice line
  • features

    IP Phone Models Description
    Executive IP Phone
    (Cisco IP Phone 7975)
    Executive IP Phone is a collaborative multimedia handset that addresses the voice, video communication needs of business. Key features are:
    -High Definition Voice calls
    -Touch Screen and colored display for easy access to communication information and features
    - Full-duplex speakerphone
    - Eight telephone lines
    Business IP Phone
    (Cisco IP Phone 7945)
    Business IP Phone is designed to meet the minimum collaberation communication needs of busieness. Key features are:
    -Non-Touch Screen and Colored display for easy access to communication information and features
    - Wideband audio support
    - Two telephone lines


    Basic features
    Call Waiting Call Forwarding
    Basic Voice Mail Caller ID
    Call Hold Group Call
    Speed Dial Cal Transfer
    3 Party Conferencing Voice Call Hunting
    Voice Call Barring – outgoing Voice Call Barring – local
    Voice Call Barring – national Voice Call Barring – international

    If the "Basic features" are requested while applying for the service; the one-time activation fee is waived off.


    Advanced features 
    Auto Attendant IVR¹ Single Number Reach²
    Corporate Directory Services Music on Hold
    Extension Mobility Voice Group Pickup
    Additional Line Line Shift
    Change of Number Change of Name

    ¹Auto-attendant (or automated attendant) is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist.

    ²Single Number Reach (SNR) is a find-me-anywhere type of feature, where an incoming call to a Hosted Voice number will ring simultaneously at several destinations (i.e. Mobile,  office phone) and the user can choose to answer call from anywhere. End-user can handle SNR settings(Add/Edit/Delete)  directly from the IP Phone.


  • Tariffs

    Business Hosted Voice  
    One-time charge AED 50
    Monthly fee AED 95
    Service Payment plans
      Purchase Lease Lease to own
    Lease to own
      One-time activation fee (AED) Monthly fee (AED) One-time activation fee (AED) Monthly fee (AED) One-time activation fee (AED) Monthly fee (AED) One-time activation fee (AED) Monthly fee (AED)
    Executive IP Phone
    (Cisco IP Phone 7975)
    1,600 0 50 175 0 145 0 80
    Business IP Phone
    (Cisco IP Phone 7945)
    1,350 0 50 145 0 120 0 65

    -Hosted Voice service charge is applicable with all handset payment plans (Purchase, lease, lease to own).

    -In case of early termination, customer would pay the handset charges for the remaining period of the contract (only applicable to leas-to-own payment plans 12 months and 24 months).

    Service Name One-time activation fee (AED) Monthly Fee (AED)
    Auto Attendant IVR (Per service) 200 300
    Single Number Reach (Per User) 50 5
    Music On-Hold Activation 180 30
    Voice Group Pickup 50 5
    Additional Line 0 5
    Auto Attendant IVR- Modification 500 0
    Single Number Reach-Modification 50 0
    Corporate Directory activation 50 0
    Extension Mobility 50 0
    Line Shift 50 0
    Change of Name 50 0
    Change of Number 50 0
    Service Termination Early termination charges
    as applicable
    Phone Repair-Replace On quotation 0
    CPE Non-Return On quotation 0

  • Get the Hosted Voice service for your business today.

    You can simple download the

    Business Fixed Services form (PDF, 614KB) ,fill it and hand it along with the supporting documents to your account manager. Alternatively, you can bring it to one of our shops, e-mail a scanned copy to or fax it to +971 4 391 8867.


    For more information, please call our Business Customer Care on 800 188.

    If you would like us to contact you for more details, please fill in your details in the form below:


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