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A reliable and knowledgeable data service provider?

The answer is yes.

Data services

Our host of effective data services are specially designed to offer flexibility and scalability. Rely on our extensive experience in the area of data services, and we’ll guide you through the local market in the UAE and the wider Middle East markets with ease.


We currently offer the following range of data services:

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

Our Carrier Partner IPLC solution provides dedicated, high quality leased lines for a secure private network over a wide range of bandwidth options from E1 to STM16.

On a full circuit basis, the far end international capacity and local access is provided by us under a One-Stop-Shop (OSS) arrangement and combined with our international capacity and local access. Where OSS is not available, we will arrange an IPLC half circuit.

Ethernet services

Our ethernet services are layer 2, point to point services offering secure, flexible, yet cost effective connectivity solutions to our Carrier Partners and their end clients.

IP VPN services

VPN offers the benefits of a private network with scalability and the flexibility of any-to-any connectivity. Our carrier grade IP network is MPLS enabled and can be mapped to your associated classes of service to seamlessly provide your corporate clients with converged data, voice and video applications.

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