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Business Line

Enjoy high-quality analogue voice solutions with our Business Line.

Enjoy voice, data and fax with our Business Line comprising of analogue, fax, PoS and trunk lines. Take advantage of high-quality inbound and outbound communication combined with standard business voice solutions. In addition, a wide range of supplementary features are available for you to select from.


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What are our business voice services?

Analogue line*

In today’s competitive world, the telephone has become a modern marketing weapon for business transactions. The basic analogue telephony includes local, national and international calling, combined with other service options you need to stand out from the crowd and gain that vital edge.

* Available now all across the UAE with Infrastructure Sharing.

Fax line

Be it a simple real time fax or complicated faxing tasks, the fax line provides you convenient, secure and reliable service at substantially low rates, enabling you to be free to do what you do best - your business.

PoS line

PoS line caters for the checkout counter in a shop, stand alone credit card devices, or any location where a transaction occurs. Our reliable telephone connectivity allows you to access what you need, when you need it.

Trunk line

When dealing with a PBX, trunk lines are the phone lines coming into the PBX from the telephone provider. This differentiates these incoming lines from extension lines that connect the PBX to (usually) individual phone sets.

Trunk line helps you save cost because there are usually fewer trunk lines than extension lines, since it is unusual in most offices to have all extension lines in use for external calls at once.

  • Quality You always get the same rich sound quality.
    Connectivity Multiple voice sockets in each location.
    Simplicity Easy to use handset delivered and connected to the customer at the time of activation.
    Discounted international rates up to 50% Save up to 50% on all international calls to any destination in the world
    Pay by the Second Pay by the Second rates on all your calls (local, national and international) made with your business voice services.
    FREE local calls Call within your Emirate for free from any of our business fixed services
    FREE National calls Call any Landline within the UAE for free from our business fixed voice line

    • Caller ID (for Advanced Analogue Phone only)
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding Busy
    • Call Forwarding No Reply
    • Call Forwarding Unconditional
    • Outgoing Call Barring
    • Incoming Call Barring
    • Return Last Incoming Call
    • Ring back when free
    • Call Barring (CCB)
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Hold
    • Call Hunting
    • Warm Line
    • Hot Line
  • Product One – time Activation fee Monthly fee
    Analogue Line AED 150 AED 95
    Fax Line / PoS Line AED 150 AED 95
    Trunk Line AED 150 AED 95



    For more information, contact your assigned account manager, visit one of our shops, or call our business customer care at +971 4 391 0000.

    Documents required:

    You need to provide the following documents:

    • Application form signed by the authorised signatory.
    • Copy of current trade licence & copy of establishment card.
    • Proof of premises ownership or tenancy contract.
    • Copy of sponsor or authorised signatory’s passport with visa page.
    • A bill from your current operator to verify customer name (optional).
    • Power of attorney or our authorisation form is required if the applicant is different from the owner defined on the trade licence.



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