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Power Bill

Subscribe to our Power Bill tool with advanced usage analytics for flawless budget control.

View and manage your communication spend through advanced online bill reporting and analytics with our innovative Power Bill tool.

Get access to a comprehensive multi-user environment that enables your authorised users from accounting, to finance and IT managers and who ever you choose to view and analyse your business's telecommunications usage.

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    • Online bill access: Access your statements and track your business monthly spend 24x7 online, anytime anywhere.
    • Bill analysis: Use existing reports and summaries or customise them to analyse and present your business telecom spend, the way you want it.
    • Manage cost: Track usage according to your defined cost centres or company structure, thereby gaining control over your spend.
    • Fraud management: Get automatic notification of monthly statements and availability of auto generated or ordered reports. You can also be notified of over-usage of an individual user, department or division, giving you complete control to manage cost effectively.
    • Instant download: Download statements or reports (13 months) and save them for secondary use or download reporting data (up to 6months) for use in other applications.
    • Near real-time usage reporting: Leverage on near real-time usage billing information to manage your day-to-day telecom spend even before receiving your bill.

  • Tailored plans

    Enjoy flexibility and control with Power Bill when you choose from the plans to meet varied business needs. Power Bill Value Plan is more suitable for small and medium business needs while Power Bill Advantage Plan suits the requirements of larger businesses.


    Power Bill features


    Value Plan



    Web-based Access

    Number of user logins





    View and compare 13 months statements online




    Analyse up to 6 months of invoice data with summary and detailed reporting.



    Cost Allocation

    • Allocate telecom spend by cost centres or company organisational structure
    • Divide spend across cost centres via percent allocation.



    Customisable Reports

    Customise reports with defined filters



    Number of Statements

    History of monthly statement easily available online with Power Bill

    13 months

    13 months

    Bill Analysis data

    Available data for analysis of bills available for

    6 months

    6 months


    • Create a hierarchy to replicate cost centres or company organisational structure.
    • Divide spend across cost centres via percent allocation.
    • Mark-up calls for re-billing.
    • Define description for destination number.



    Near real-time usage

    View usage up to the previous day with customisable alerts on over-usage.

    Value Plus

    Advantage Plus


  • Princing

  • To sign up for Power Bill service, please contact our Business Customer Care on 800 188 or your account manager.

  • To know more about Power Bill, please click here

    For more information on Power Bill Value, please click here

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