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Managed International Toll-Free Service

Reach globally, act locally.

Provide toll-free access to your internationally located customers, extending the global reach and access of your business. Your international users will have the exact same call experience, wherever they’re calling from.

Our ITFS service allows you to expand your volume of traffic, receive new business opportunities, and bring new customers in your business portfolio using ITFS global infrastructure and partnerships with global carrier affiliations.

Our ITFS extensive coverage, flexible access options and intelligent routing features, allows you to route the calls from more than 172 countries worldwide to the UAE, and manage your global contact centre operations as a single enterprise service across the globe.

The solution:

ITFS lets you to extend your presence and business to other countries by offering a toll-free number to connect your customer to your contact centre locally, without paying any international/national calling charge. This is a great option for medium and large businesses and other organisations looking to connect their global customer base, and service them via a unified presence in local country.

ITFS features

Multiple options and coverage across the globe:

• International free phone services

• Universal international free phone

• PSTN/caller pays services

• UAE toll-free numbers

• Robust call routing options in backbone network

• Dedicated project and service management


  • click of list of countries supported

    Angola Toll-free
    Anguilla Toll-free
    Antigua Toll-free
    Australia Toll
    Australia Toll-free
    Austria Toll
    Austria Toll-free
    Austria Mobile toll-free
    Austria Toll
    Bahamas Toll-free
    Bahrain Toll
    Bahrain Toll-free
    Bangladesh Toll-free
    Barbados Toll-free
    Belarus Toll-free
    Belgium Toll
    Belgium Toll-free
    Belgium Mobile toll-free
    Belgium Toll
    Belize Toll-free
    Bermuda Toll-free
    Bolivia Toll-free
    Botswana Toll-free
    Brazil Toll-free
    Brazil Toll
    British Virgin Islands Toll-free
    Brunei Toll-free
    Bulgaria Toll
    Bulgaria Toll-free
    Cambodia Toll-free
    Canada Toll-free
    Canada Toll
    Cayman Islands Toll-free
    Chile Toll
    Chile Toll-free
    China Toll-free
    Colombia Toll-free
    Costa Rica Toll-free
    Croatia Toll-free
    Cuba Toll-free
    Cyprus Toll
    Cyprus Toll-free
    Czech Republic Toll
    Czech Republic Toll-free
    Denmark Toll
    Denmark Toll-free
    Dominica Toll-free
    Dominican Republic Toll
    Dominican Republic Toll-free
    Ecuador Toll-free
    Egypt Toll-free
    El Salvador Toll
    El Salvador Toll-free
    Estonia Toll
    Estonia Toll-free
    Estonia Mobile toll-free
    Fiji Island Toll-free
    Finland Toll
    Finland Toll-free
    Finland Mobile toll-free
    Finland Toll
    France Toll
    France Toll-free
    France Mobile toll-free
    French Guiana Toll-free
    Georgia Toll
    Germany Toll-free
    Germany Toll
    Greece Toll
    Greece Toll-free
    Grenada Toll-free
    Guatemala Toll-free
    Hong Kong Toll
    Hong Kong Toll-free
    Hungary Toll
    Hungary Toll-free
    Iceland Toll-free
    India Toll-free
    India Toll-free
    Indonesia Toll-free
    Ireland Toll
    Ireland Toll-free
    Ireland Mobile toll-free
    Italy Toll
    Italy Toll-free
    Italy Mobile toll-free
    Jamaica Toll-free
    Japan Toll
    Japan Toll-free
    Japan Mobile toll-free
    Jordan Toll-free
    Kazakhstan Toll-free
    Kenya Toll-free
    Kyrgyzstan Toll-free
    Latvia Toll
    Latvia Toll-free
    Lebanon Toll-free
    Lithuania Toll
    Lithuania Toll-free
    Luxembourg Toll
    Macedonia Toll-free
    Malaysia Toll-free
    Malaysia Toll-free
    Malta Toll
    Malta Toll-free
    Mexico Toll
    Mexico Toll-free
    Moldavia & Moldova Toll-free
    Monaco Toll-free
    Montserrat Toll-free
    Netherlands Toll
    Netherlands Toll-free
    Netherlands Mobile toll-free
    New Zealand Toll
    New Zealand Toll-free
    New Zealand Mobile toll-free
    Norway Toll
    Norway Toll-free
    Pakistan Toll
    Pakistan Toll-free
    Panama Toll
    Panama Toll-free
    Paraguay Toll-free Free
    Peru Toll
    Peru Toll-free
    Philippines Toll-free
    Philippines Toll-free
    Poland Toll
    Poland Toll-free
    Portugal Toll
    Portugal Toll-free
    Qatar Toll-free
    Romania Toll
    Romania Toll-free
    Russia Toll-free
    Russia Toll
    Saint Kitts Toll-free
    Saint Lucia Toll-free
    Saint Vincent Toll-free
    Saudi Arabia Toll-free
    Saudi Arabia Mobile Toll-free
    Serbia Toll-free
    Seychelles Islands Toll
    Sierra Leone Toll-free
    Singapore Toll
    Singapore Toll-free
    Slovakia Toll
    Slovenia Toll-free
    South Africa Toll
    South Korea Toll-free
    Spain Toll
    Spain Toll-free
    Spain Mobile toll-free
    Sri Lanka Toll-free
    Sweden Toll
    Sweden Toll-free
    Sweden Mobile toll-free
    Switzerland Toll
    Switzerland Toll-free
    Switzerland Mobile toll-free
    Syria Toll-free
    Taiwan Toll
    Taiwan Toll-free
    Tajikistan Toll-free
    Thailand Toll-free
    Trinidad and Tobago Toll-free
    Trinidad/Tobago Toll-free
    Turkey Toll-free
    Turks/Caicos Islands Toll-free
    Ukraine Toll-free
    United Arab Emirates Toll-free
    United Kingdom Toll
    United Kingdom Toll-free
    United States of America Toll
    United States of America Toll-free
    Uruguay Toll-free
    Uzbekistan Toll-free
    Venezuela Toll-free
    Vietnam Toll
    Vietnam Toll-free
    Zambia Toll-free
    Zimbabwe Toll-free

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