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Business Omnipresence

Business Omnipresence

Experience the latest in video conferencing with our collaboration and telepresence solutions.

Set up industry-grade video conference meetings with as many participants as you want wherever they are around the world with our Business Omnipresence services. Collaborate seamlessly with your partners or clients in true-to-life video using any combination of devices from smartphones and tablets up to high-end immersive telepresence equipment that we can provide.

Our cloud-based 24x7 fully managed service allows you to focus on communicating your message and reaching your business goals faster without spending time, resources and money managing technology.

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    • Cost-effective solutions

                  Our Business Omnipresence solutions work with your budget. Choose between the CaPex to OpEx models, also between fixed cost, or pay per usage. This includes a choice of video conferencing endpoints.

    • Your choice of devices

                   Choose any endpoint including smart mobile devices and tablets, PCs, video phones, HD executive desktops, HD video conferencing equipment, and even high-end immersive telepresense equipment.

    • Access to our secure VNOC service

                   We take full responsibility and accountability for the management and operations of your conference and communication via our dedicated Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC).

    • Travel cost reduction

               Reduce your business travel costs dramatically, from airfare to the hotels, meals, taxis and car service, and so forth. Removing this cost allows you to focus on core business communication wherever you are.

    • Productivity and efficiency

               Enjoy an immediate productivity boosts and save time by enabling integrated visual communications and desktop-based collaboration tools into your day-to-day business process. The result, an immediate impact on the bottom line.

    • Higher impact and focus

               Business Omnipresence has a higher impact on meetings and conference calls, especially when compared to an audio-only meeting. This translates into shorter, more effective meetings with minimal workflow disruption.

    • Competitive advantage

               Gain a competitive advantage by integrating Business Omnipresence into your day-to-day business. Experience less cost and disruption to executive schedules, and make quicker decisions using our advanced collaboration tools.

    • Enhanced quality of life

               There is always a human touch to the way we do business. Eliminate the stress caused by business travel, as Business Omnipresence can reduce stakeholders' stress and enhance their quality of life.

    • Business partner of choice

              Join a large business customer-base from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations, government and domestic corporations that trust us in their communication needs in the UAE and abroad.

    • Reliable service

               Business Omnipresence is built on a very secure and reliable national and global data backbone, which gives you seamless video connectivity across the globe.

    • Strategic alliances for wider coverage

               We have strong strategic partnerships with leading service providers to enhance the Global Telepresence coverage and the reachability of our global network of public rooms.

    • Endpoint bundles

               Customers can choose from the latest in video conferencing and telepresence systems bundled with networks and services. These solutions scale from remote workers, pure desktop, small conference rooms, and large conference       rooms, to in-room telepresence systems, to suit various budgets and applications.

    • Video Network Operations Center (VNOC)

               VNOC services include year round, 24x7 pro-active management of systems as well as video bridging services to enable multipoint video conferencing based on open standards covering the widest range of system interoperability platforms.

    • Value Plus Services

               Value Plus Services provide concierge video conferencing services and global connect capabilities for global and ad hoc customers. Customers can also get add-on services such as video conferencing recording, streaming and replay of stored conferences for training and quality management purposes.

  • Let our Business Omnipresence experts take you through a real-life demonstration of our solutions.


    Contact your account manager to ask for the demonstration and for more details on our specific plans to suit your needs including the option to buy or lease.

    You can also send us an email with your requirements on and we will contact you shortly.

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