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Voice Services

A provider that understands my international communication needs?

The answer is yes.

International Voice Services

We're extremely proud of our world-class portfolio of carrier-grade international voice partnership solutions – designed, quite simply, to offer you reliable international voice services and help you save on cost.

In fact, our infrastructure is planned with these very goals in mind. Our International Carrier voice sales team manages over 100 direct bilateral voice interconnection agreements, including most global and regional voice operators, with particular emphasis on quality routing and cost-effective traffic management.

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Our voice services include:

UAE termination

Voice termination of your UAE destined traffic to any UAE mobile or landline. Our inbound voice termination services provide the best quality with guaranteed CLI, fax and roaming for our Carrier Partner traffic. Connection may be made either via bilateral circuits or at any of our Points of Presence in Europe or Asia.




International Toll Free Service (ITFS) Numbers

Enabling your corporate clients to provide an 8000 number facility for their end customers. Our International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) enables multi-national enterprise customers to receive toll-free calls from payphones, landlines and mobile phones in the UAE. This application provides access to toll-free ITFS numbers for calls originating from the UAE and provides our Carrier Partners with a solution for audio-conferencing, call centre and business support application requirements from the region.

ITFS allows international companies to extend toll-free features to the UAE ensuring customers all over the world never pay to reach their headquarters. It is a popular option for businesses and other organisations that prize global reach as an essential strategic step.




Integrated Services Digital network (ISDN) Services

ISDN termination of your video and voice traffic into the UAE. Integrated Services Digital Network is a set of communications standards enabling traditional telephone lines to carry voice, digital network services and video.




Home Country Direct (HCD) Services

Your end customers place collect calls to their home country when visiting the UAE. This service is targeted at overseas visitors coming into the UAE. Home Country Direct Service is a telephony service under which your customers can place collect calls from UAE to their home country or beyond. This is done by dialling a UAE access number provided by us to you. This service is offered on a reciprocal basis and can be opened up from any UAE network, fixed and mobile.




Voice Hubbing Services

Transit of your voice traffic to key destinations providing you cost savings due to our extensive interconnects. We offer voice hubbing services to different destinations in the Middle East, North Africa and the Rest of the World providing premium quality voice termination services with guaranteed CLI, fax and roaming.




Virtual Voice Network (VVN) Services

Allowing you to access new markets of the Gulf and regional hubbing of your voice traffic without the need to invest in expensive cable systems. VVN provides a complete carrier grade switch and network solution for telecom service providers looking to outsource their switching network. Our VVN services offer you a full suite of partitioning, telehousing, bandwidth and managed services in conjunction with Interoute, linking into the largest and densest network in Europe.




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You can also click here to download our brochure for more information.





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