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4G Smartphones for Business

  • 4G Budget Smartphones


Get affordable 4G smartphones starting from 10 AED/month.

For the first time in the UAE, you can get your employees affordable smartphone at only AED 10/Month, with our new Budget Smartphone Offer. Make sure all your employees are connected at very affordable costs with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy J1, Huawei Y3, Huawei Y5, Alcatel U3 and more.


a) Budget Smartphone offers connectivity with cost efficiency.
b) Your employees will be connected at all times.
c) You can choose from a variety of budget friendly devices.
d) All of these smartphones are available at zero upfront fees, a one year warranty and interest free instalments.
Choose from the following devices:
Models   Retail price (AED) 12-month
contract (AED)
contract (AED)
Alcatel U3 240 20 10
Samsung Galaxy J1 360 30 15
Huawei Y3II 360 30 15
Huawei Y5II LTE 480 40
Nokia 3 480 40 20


Subscribe to this offer now to ensure your employees are connected at most affordable rates. 
You can get this by applying through any one of our sales channels or Account manager or request a call back by filling the form below:

  • 1. Is this offer available for all new and existing customers?

    Yes, the offer is available for all new and existing customers.

    Existing customers with completed smartphone contracts can opt-in for this offer at no extra cost.

    Existing customers with ongoing smartphone contracts will need to pay the early cancellation fees before subscribing to this offer.

  • 2.Can I just buy a smartphone on instalment?

    You must subscribe to a postpaid plan to be eligible for a Device Instalment offer.

  • 3.Which plans are eligible for this offer?

    All postpaid plans (except for Executive/Executive Plus) can get this offer.

  • 4.Am I signing a separate contract for a postpaid plan?

    Yes, your postpaid plan will have a separate 12-month contract.

  • 5.I have an Etisalat SIM card, can I buy a smartphone on instalment from du?

    Yes you can. First you have to port in your line to du by requesting a mobile number portability request, then subscribe to this offer to get a device on instalment.

  • 6.Do proration rules apply when activating this offer?

    For Handset Instalment: Since this is a monthly instalment plan for a device, it is not prorated.
    For postpaid plan: Standard postpaid plan rules will apply.

  • 7.What happens after the contract is completed?

    You have the option to renew the contract with a new device.

  • 8.Can I migrate to any other postpaid plans during the contract period?

    Yes, you can migrate to any of the other eligible plans if you are on postpaid plan. Please note, the monthly charges for the device will continue as is until the end of your contract period.

  • 9. Can I buy a smartphone without going through the validation process? How many pre-approved smartphones can I buy?

    Yes, only on the following conditions:

    If you have been a customer for the last 6 months and paid your last bill. The maximum pre-approved number of smartphones is three, provided that you have three or more Enterprise Postpaid Plan* contracts.

    a.*Voice Plan /Business Phone AED 50 Plan /Business mobile connect/ Executive /Executive plus and diamond are exempted.

  • 10. If I have an existing Business Phone Plan contract, can I get this offer?

    You have to finish your existing Business Phone Plan contract before subscribing for a new phone. Or you could pay an early cancellation fee for your existing contract and sign up for a new one.

  • 11. What happens if I cancel my device’s contract?

    You will have to pay an early cancellation fee which is equivalent to your remaining monthly instalment fees on the contract.

    Your postpaid plan contract will continue as is since it’s a separate contract.

  • 12. What if I cancel my postpaid plan contract?

    Cancelling your postpaid plan means all your contracts will be discontinued. You are then required to pay the early cancellation fees for all your contracts.

  • 13. Can I get this offer if I’m on a Premier Plan?

    If you are on Premier Plan, then you are most likely on a corporate paid account. In this case, you need to contact your company administrator who will in turn speak to your Sales Account Manager for the best corporate offering.

  • 14.I’m on the Business Phone Plan. Can I still get this offer?

    You have to finish your existing plan’s contract before you can get a new smartphone. Otherwise, you’d have to pay an early cancellation fee for your existing plan’s contract.

  • 15.What is the delivery time?

    The delivery time is 5-7 working days.

  • 16.Do I get a one-year warranty on all the devices?

    Yes, the warranty is provided by the device’s manufacturer.

  • 17.What is the return, exchange and damage policy?

    There is no return, exchange and damage policy.

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