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IT Automation

Focus on your business and let us take care of your IT.


Is your business facing technology challenge due to the industry continuous increase in demand?

We've designed this IT Automation managed service for you.

Now you get access to a unique help-desk of managed IT services, enabling you to benefit from a range of hands-on services. You'll keep your computer systems up and running, and your people and business productive.


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We'll be there for your business as a technology partner, providing your business with:

  • 24-7 support
  • Proactive solutions
  • Consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs
  • Professional support
  • Routine system management
  • Cost management and control
  • Managed expansion and growth

Our packages

Our services and solutions come in three packages: Platinum, Gold and Silver. To learn more about these packages, please contact your Account Manager. These packages offer the following:

  • System monitoring

    •         Disk capacity
    •         Windows event logs
    •         Backup server logs
    •         Hardware logs
    •         System shutdown
    •         Bandwidth usage monitoring

  • System and office updates

    •         Windows updates
    •         Office updates
    •         Filter patches
    •         Daily scanning
    •         Automatic update

  • Scheduled reporting

    • Weekly - Executive Summary Report

  • Third party application deployment and updates


    •         Compression tools (for example, Winzip, WinRar, etc.)
    •         Developer tools (for example, Notepad++, JDK, etc.)
    •         Documents tools (for example, CutePDF, OpenOffice, etc.)
    •         File sharing tools (for example, uTorrent)
    •         Image processing tools (for example, Picasa, Paint.NET, etc.)
    •         Media players (for example, iTunes, QuickTime, etc.)
    •         Messaging applications (for example, Skype, Google Talk, etc.)
    •         Online storage tools (for example, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, etc.)
    •         Runtimes tools (for example, Java, .NET, etc.)
    •         Security
    •         Utilities
    •         Web Browsers (for example, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

  • Audit and inventory


    •         Hardware inventory
    •         Software inventory
    •         System inventory
    •         Daily scan

  • Server and network monitoring

    •         Logs
    •         BB server
    •         DC server
    •         Exchange
    •         SQL server
    •         Web server
    •         TermServer Citrix
    •         Performance counters and threshold
    •         BlackBerry server
    •         DHCP
    •         DNS
    •         Drive performance
    •         Processor performance
    •         SMTP queue length
    •         Exchange performance
    •         IIS performance
    •         Print server performance
    •         MS SQL server performance
    •         Windows services
    •         Exchange core
    •         Citrix core
    •         IIS core
    •         SQL core
    •         Citrix TermServer core

  • it-automation Active directory services

    •         User Credentials Integration with Active Directory Account
    •         VPN access to computers at work through our IT Automation Portal
    •         Automatic discovery of new workstations and servers
    •         Alerts and notifications for new users, workstations and servers

  • Info center.


    •         Detailed reports of all network components
    •         Hardware and software inventory
    •         Complete workstations and servers changes
    •         Disk utilisation
    •         Software licences and compliance
    •         Network usage, performance and statistics
    •         Server and workstation uptime history
    •         Help desk trouble tickets
    •         Workstation, and server logs and status

  • Desktop Policy Management

    •         File access policies
    •         Network access policies
    •         Application access policies
    •         Power management
    •         Mapped network drives
    •         Desktop settings
    •         Printer settings
    •         USB drive access control
    •         Optical drive access control
    •         Windows action center control
    •         Windows defender control


  • Imaging and deployment


    •         Deploy a standard image to a group of workstations
    •         Backing up a system
    •         Reimage a broken workstation within the group
    •         Image a brand new workstation inserted within a group


  • Configuration of end point email/internet


    •         Target response time: 2 hours (platinum), 8 hours (silver), best effort (silver)
    •         End-user training (0,5 day)
    •         Support tickets
    •         New user configuration

Optional Recurring Services

You can also take advantage of the following optional services:

  •     Disaster Recovery Service per server per Month
  •     Backup storage, per server, per month (5 GB increment)
  •     Cloud storage with backup (1 GB per PC and 5 GB per server)
  •     Anti-virus/anti-spam
  •     Mobile Device Management

White Papers

Remote Infrastructure Management – Emergence of the Cloud - based Helpdesk

These SaaS-based applications provide the infrastructure, application monitoring and helpdesk capabilities needed to underpin an efficient and cost-effective IT management operation, from the cloud. Today,  service providers like du offer some form of cloud-deployed ICT infrastructure management and helpdesk service.



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