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The Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan

Exclusively for the jet-setters.

Our top-of-the-range Diamond monthly postpaid plan is designed to meet your highest expectations wherever you go around the globe.

More than just a plan

  • Stay online on your smartphone or BlackBerry while travelling and in the UAE.
  • Talk and message freely with family, loved ones and business associates alike in the UAE and around the world.
  • Call back home while travelling the world.
  • And best of all, enjoy a one-year membership with Quintessentially, a global private members' club with world-class 24/7 luxury concierge service.

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The Diamond Plan
Monthly fee
AED 2,500
Included minutes – both national and international *
2,500 minutes
Included SMSes – both national and international
2,500 SMSes
Included roaming minutes**
2,500 minutes (2,440 minutes for received calls and 60 minutes for outgoing calls to the UAE while roaming)
Included data

Choose from premium data packages:

- 10GB data package

- National BlackBerry® service package

- 1GB International BlackBerry service package

Quintessentially membership Enjoy a one-year membership with Quintessentially, the private members only club with 24/7 luxury concierge service around the globe.
A special Diamond number Choose your number from the most exclusive list of special numbers.

    * Included international minutes are only applicable to our selected 190 international destinations (PDF, 338 KB).

    **Charges by the operator in the visited country will be extra. Please check for charges by destination.

    - The Diamond Plan is available with a 12-month contract only. Early cancellation fee of AED2,500 applies, plus AED2,500 for every remaining month.


    Quintessentially membership

    You will receive exclusive Quintessentially lifestyle benefits including preferential rates with many hotels, upgrades when applicable, exclusive venue access and invitations to member events to name but a few. These benefits are available across 60 cities around the world. Your Quintessentially membership card will be delivered to you shortly after plan activation.

    QUINTESSENTIALLY is a luxury concierge club with expert Lifestyle Managers on hand 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to fulfil your requests. Enjoy everything from last minute restaurant reservations and holiday bookings, to theatre and opera tickets and access to clubs, parties and special events. With more than 60 offices around the world, QUINTESSENTIALLY is always there for you.

    Q2. How can I send my requests to QUINTESSENTIALLY?
    Contact QUINTESSENTIALLY directly by calling +9714 4376810 or email on

    Q3. Am I required to have a QUINTESSENTIALLY membership?
    As part of the first year contract with Diamond Plan, you’ll receive a one-year complimentary membership to QUINTESSENTIALLY. Services include travel arrangements and access to special events within the UAE.

    If you’d like to discontinue your QUINTESSENTIALLY membership after your 12 months contract expires, that’s fine. Simply stay on Diamond Plan and continue enjoying all of our other benefits.

    Q4. Can I get the QUINTESSENTIALLY service on my existing plan?
    To enjoy our Diamond Plan and QUINTESSENTIALLY services, you’ll need to migrate from your current plan to Diamond Plan (a 12 months contractual agreement applies).

    You may also continue with your number or select from our Diamond number options as part of your Diamond Plan benefits.

    Q5. How can I subscribe to Diamond Plan?
    If you’re a new or an existing customer, SMS ‘Diamond’ to +917155 5551234 and we’ll contact you within 48 hours for your subscription along with arranging door-to-door delivery. Simultaneously, you may visit any of our shops to activate your Diamond Plan.

    Documents required when subscribing to Diamond Plan:

    • Passport or UAE National ID
    • Residency visa for non UAE and non GCC Nationals
    • Credit card issued within the UAE
    In addition to the above you must provide one of the following:
    • Salary certificate (minimum of AED 30000 per month)
    • Bank statement showing minimum balance of AED 300,000
    • Previous mobile bills (min. 3 months) with average monthly spend of AED 2500
    Note that you are required to subscribe to Autopayments.

    Q6. Once with Diamond Plan, can I migrate to any other plans?
    During your 12 months contractual agreement, you’re required to continue with Diamond Plan. Upon the end of your contract period, you can either stay on Diamond Plan and continue enjoying the benefits without a contract, renew your contract to continue with your QUINTESSENTIALLY membership or migrate to another plan.

    Q7. How will I be charged if I subscribe to Diamond Plan in the middle of my bill cycle?
    Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle whether at the first or at the last of the month will be prorated. Benefits for that month including minutes and SMSes will also be prorated. As for your data, you’ll receive the full amount.

    Q8. How can I renew my contract and continue enjoying the benefits of QUINTESSENTIALLY for another year?
    On the last month of your contract, you’ll receive an SMS reminding you to renew your contract. You can visit any of our shops to renew your contract with Diamond Plan.

    Q9. Can I cancel my Diamond Plan at any time?
    If you cancel your Diamond Plan during it’s contract period you’ll Be charged a foreclosure fee for the remaining months of your contract as per the following: (2500 * Remaining Number Of Months) + 2500.

    You can continue enjoying your Diamond Number upon paying the foreclosure fee along with having the option to migrate your number to any other plan. Enjoy your QUINTESSENTIALLY membership for the remaining 12 months.

    Q10. Can the ownership of the line be changed?

    After your 1-year subscription, the ownership can be changed.

    Q11. Can I get a Smartphone Privilege Plan along with my Diamond Plan?
    Smartphone Privilege Plan (SPP) or any other handset offers cannot be used with Diamond Plan.

    Q12.How will the national and international minutes split within the bundled pool?
    The usage from the bundled pool of National & International minutes entirely depends on customer’s choice and follows the first consumed basis rule. Same concept applies to bundled pool of SMSs. Please be aware that free International minutes apply to selective 190 international destination. Click here to view the list.

    Also please be aware that all free units are valid for one bill cycle and any unconsumed units cannot be carried forward to next cycle.


    These additional terms apply to The Diamond Plan. In the event of any inconsistency between the General Terms, the Mobile specific terms and The Diamond Plan terms, these additional terms and conditions shall prevail.

    1. Fixed Term
    1.1. The Fixed Term for The Diamond Plan is twelve months from the date the Services start.

    1.2. At the end of the Fixed Term, you can renew The Diamond Plan for an additional 12 months (Renewal Term) by visiting the du shop and completing the renewal form. du will notify the Customers of expiry of the Fixed Term in advance.

    1.3. If you opt not to renew the Fixed Term, you can continue to enjoy the benefits under The Diamond Plan excluding any free membership packages or benefits that are made available under the Fixed Term. The Diamond Plan will be provided on a month to month basis without the benefit of the concierge service. You can also choose to migrate to any other available du plan.

    1.4. If you terminate your Diamond Plan before expiry of the Fixed Term or the Renewal Term, then an early termination fee (Early Termination Fee) will apply as follows:

    • 1.4.1. you will be charged a fee of AED 2500 per month for the remaining part of their Fixed Term or Renewal Term (e.g., 2500 x 6 months) plus AED2,500 as a onetime cancellation fee.

    1.5. Upon payment of the Early Termination Fee, you can continue to:
    • 1.5.1. use The Diamond Plan number and migrate to a different Elite plan using the same Diamond Plan number; and
    • 1.5.2. enjoy the free membership to the premium concierge service for the remaining months of the Fixed Term or the Renewal Term.
    2. Transfer of ownership and documentation requirements
    2.1. You may only transfer ownership of The Diamond Plan to another party at the end of the Fixed Term.

    2.2. You must comply with du’s identification and authorisation requirements. If you do not provide all the required documents, du will not be able to provision the Service. These requirements may change due to regulatory or security requirements and du may request that you provide additional identification/proof of authority. If you do not comply with du’s documentation requirements, du may suspend or terminate the Service.

    3. Third party products and services
    3.1. du may introduce you to third party products or services. Because du has no control over such third party products or services, you acknowledge that du is not in any way liable for any damage or loss suffered by you or alleged to be caused by, or in connection with, such products or services. The supply of any third party products or services s entirely independent of du and is a matter between you and the third party.

    3.2. All dealings between you and third parties is not a matter for du and are solely as between you and the third party. You bear all risks associated with the use of such third party products or services.

    3.3. If you wish to accept any third party offer, you consent to du disclosing information relating to your personal data to the relevant third party to the extent necessary to enable you to take up the offer. du will protect Customer information in accordance with the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates.


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