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Read your bill

Read your Premier Plan bill

Reading your Premier Plan bill is easy once you know what everything is for. That's why we are providing you with a simple explanation to get started.

Also, take a look at the animation for an explanation of the billing cycle for Premier Plan and how you can make the most of the monthly commitment through three bill cycles.

Bill Summary
  • 1 Bill Period

    This is the period of time your bill is for.

  • 2 Account Number

    Please provide us with your account number when contacting us via phone, email or correspondence. This will help us find your account details and handle your query quickly and effectively.

  • 3 Previous Balance

    This section shows the outstanding balance from your last bill, minus any payments you have made.

  • 4 Other credits and Charges

    This section contains credits, for example goodwill credits, copy bill charge etc.
    All credits are shown in brackets, whilst charges have no brackets.

  • 5 Total Amount Due

    This is the amount you need pay.

  • 6 Payment due date

    Please ensure that your payment is received before payment due date.

  • 1 Monthly Charges

    Comprises your committed recurring charges that you have to pay each month. These charges are prorated, which means that we calculate them based on the actual number of days you subscribed to Premier Plan in the first month until the end of the billing period. We also Charge for the next full month in advance.

  • 2 Premier plan adjustments

    Premier Plan commitment used this month. The Premier Plan commitment is also prorated.

  • 3 Premier Plan monthly Commitment

    This commitment applies to usage on voice/video calls, National and International SMS, International calls, GPRS, Content, CRBT and Roaming charges. This commitment is not used for Monthly Rental Charges, SMS/ Data Bundles, and other credits and charges.

  • 4 Premier Plan Adjustment

    This shows the monthly commitment, minus the commitment used this month. This is what carried forwards to the next month. If you have used all the commitment, this will show as zero.

  • 1 Premier Plan Free units
    consumed at Account level

    This section gives a breakdown of how much of the monthly commitment each phone has used. The commitment is used on a first come, first served basis.

  • 2 Premier Plan Free Units
    Carry Forward Summary at
    Account Level

    this show the unused monthly commitment that is carried forward to the next month. If you have used all the commitment, this will show as zero.

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