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Surf safely with McAfee+


Enjoy the internet safely

Every broadband subscriber gets McAfee VirusScan Plus for free.

As a broadband subscriber, you enjoy McAfee+ protection for one year at no additional cost. You can renew your subscription after that for a small fee.


How to install McAfee VirusScan Plus in steps

Before you begin, make sure your PC is connected to the internet then insert your product CD into your CD-ROM drive and follow the on-screen instructions below. Make sure you remove any existing anti-virus software (including any trial versions) you have on your PC.

If installation does not start automatically:

  1. Click Start then Run on your Windows desktop.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type D:SETUP.EXE (where D is the drive letter of your CD-ROM).
  3. Click OK.

Installation in steps


1. Click on "Install McAfee Virus Scan Plus"


2. The Welcome to McAfee Security Centre Dialog Box appears

3. Click Next to continue


4. The End User Agreement Dialog Box appears:

5. Select your preferred language from the "Select your country" drop down menu and click the Accept button to accept the license agreement.


6. The Safe Surfing Protection Dialog Box appears:

7. Click the "Install McAfee SiteAdvisor" Check Box and click the Next button:


8. Now McAfee will scan your computer for viruses:


9. After the scanning is complete, the installation will begin:


10. This section is optional; choose if you want to create a desktop icon by clicking "Create a Security Center desktop icon" check box.

11. Check the "Send Scanning detection..." to send the information collected to McAfee.

12. Click Next


13. Now McAfee will start the Security Centre and complete the installation:


14. Click the Finish button to finish the installation and launch the Security Centre:


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