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iPhone every year

  • Illustration of iPhone every year


With our iPhone every year programme, wouldn’t it be great to own a New iPhone every year? With our iPhone every year programme, you get the chance to swap your current iPhone and get a brand new one every year. You get to enjoy Apple’s latest iPhone every year with this programme.


NOTE: We will STOP any new activations on the New iPhone Ever Year/Renewable plan starting 1st June 2018. Existing customers on this program will still be eligible to redeem the New Device after 12 Months from subscription.
New Activations for ‘New iPhone Every Year/Renewable Plan’ are NOT Allowed.



All you need to do is get the new iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus on 24-month contract and subscribe to the iPhone every year programme. After 12 Months,  bring in your current iPhone that is in good working conditions and you’ll get your new iPhone! It’s as simple as that.

The new iPhone X is smarter, sleeker and amazing to use. Subscribe to this programme and get yours now!

*Terms and Conditions apply

Who is eligible?

•    All new and existing post-paid users can get this programme. All you need to do is buy the new iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus on our amazing selected postpaid plans and subscribe to the iPhone every year programme.  

•    Prepaid users who wish to get on the iPhone every year programme need only migrate from their prepaid plan to a Eligible postpaid plan. To know more about our great postpaid plans click here.

•    For your new iPhone and after 12 Months, make sure your current iPhone is in stellar condition and you’ll be good to go!

To Check if your device in good condition:

•    Device turns On.
•    Device can make and receive calls successfully.
•    Wi-Fi is working.
•    There are no dents on the Device.
•    The LCD and touchscreen are working perfectly.
•    The Front screen glass is not cracked or broken.
•    The Back glass is not cracked or broken.
•    The Home, Volume and Power buttons are all functioning properly.
•    The camera is working.
•    There have been no liquid damages.
•    iCloud ‘Find my iPhone’ is deactivated.
Terms and Conditions
  • iPhone every year Terms and Conditions

    1. Eligibility: to be eligible for a Device Instalment Plan, a Customer must sign up for, or have an existing, du post-paid mobile service. The Device Instalment Plan is not available on a standalone basis.

    2. Features: the Device Instalment Plan allows the Customer to pay for Device (s) in monthly instalments over the period specified above as the Instalment Term.

    3. Early termination: if the Customer terminates its du post-paid mobile service before the end of the Instalment Term, the Customer must pay all the remaining outstanding monthly instalments and will no longer be entitled to the Device Instalment Plan and iPhone every year programe.

    4. If Customer terminates the device plan before the end of the instalment term, the customer must pay the remaining outstanding instalment amount and not eligible for iPhone every year.

    5. Monthly instalments: the monthly instalments will appear on the Customer’s monthly du invoice and will be payable by the due date of the invoice.

    6. Manufacturer warranty: du is not the manufacturer of the handset and is not liable if the handset does not work or is faulty. Standard manufacturer warranties apply. The Customer should contact the handset warranty supplier if there is any issue with the handset.

    7. Standard du terms & conditions apply, for details, please visit

    8. du reserves the right to check a customer’s credit history via Al Etihad Credit Bureau.