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International Booster Pack

  • International-Booster-Pack

Get the International Booster Pack to make unlimited international calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Egypt starting 25 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT).

Simply dial *135*10# to get the recurring International Booster Pack for only AED 9 (+ 5% VAT) for 30 days and pay by the second.


Destination Discounted call rate Validity
India 25 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT). 30 days
Pakistan 25 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT).
Bangladesh 25 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT).
Nepal 25 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT).
Egypt 47 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT).


  • 1) Is there a set-up fee?

    No there is no set-up fee. You will only be paying a monthly fee of AED 9 (+ 5% VAT) per month.

  • 2) From which balance will the discounted calls be charged?

    The monthly fee of AED 9 (+ 5% VAT) and the discounted call charges will be deducted from your More Time balance.

  • 3) Can I use the International Booster Pack with other international calling offers like International Savings Offer or Call Home for Less?

    When you get the International Booster Pack, you will be automatically unsubscribed from the International Savings Offer. But you can continue enjoying Call Home for Less.

  • 4) What happens if I don’t have enough credit at the time of renewal?

    You’ll have 3 days to recharge and renew the International Booster Pack. Until you recharge and have enough credit, you will not be able to use the International Booster Pack.

  • 5) What happens if I deactivate my International Booster Pack in the middle of the validity period of 30 days?

    You’ll continue to make calls at discounted rates for the remaining part of the validity after which standard rates for international calling will apply