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GCC Roaming Data Bundles

  • Roaming Bundle
Enjoy using Roaming Data in the GCC.
  • Use data in 5 GCC countries.
  • 3 days and 14 days bundles available.
  • For all prepaid and post-paid customers.
Travel freely in the GCC with our GCC Roaming Data Bundles.



The GCC Roaming Data Bundles allow you to use your data in five GCC countries. All prepaid and postpaid users can get this bundle.

GCC 3 days bundle

GCC 14 days bundle

Data 2GB Data 4GB
Price AED 100 Price AED 200
Validity 3 days Validity 14 days
SMS "GCC3" to 5102; SMS "GCC7" to 5102
SMS, portal ( or du app

Use the GCC Roaming Data Bundles in these five GCC countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Qatar

You can use the bundles while travelling between countries, too. Without a GCC Roaming Data Bundle, roaming data usage for postpaid and prepaid in the GCC will be charged as AED 3.12/MB(Postpaid: 50KB increments and Prepaid 30KB increments).

How to subscribe

  • You can get a GCC Roaming Data Bundle in the UAE or when abroad:

    You will see two options:

    • Roaming Data Bundles (GCC Roaming Data Bundles are included in this option)
    • One World, One Rate (pay per use)

    Note: WiFi should be turned off, or else the data portal’s page won’t load.

  • Get a GCC Roaming Data Bundle in the UAE or when abroad:

    • In the UAE: SMS ‘Data’ to 5102
    • Abroad: Dial *135*20#

    You will see two options:

    • Roaming Data Bundles (GCC Roaming Data Bundles are included in this option)
    • One World, One Rate (pay per use)



  • Do I have to subscribe to Easy Roaming service before buying a GCC Roaming Data Bundle?

    If your roaming service is active (this is active by default for all prepaid users) you can get a GCC Roaming Data Bundle without subscribing to the Easy Roaming service.

    If your roaming service is not active, subscribe to the Easy Roaming service while in the UAE or abroad by dialling *155# and get roaming service with our preferred networks without a deposit.

    Note: If you're on a Smart Plan, you need to have used your plan for at least 3 months to get Easy Roaming for free with a lifetime validity. If you've used your plan for less than 3 months, you need to activate Standard Roaming service before activating Easy Roaming.

  • How many GCC Roaming Data Bundles can I get?

    You can have up to five bundles at a time:


    • Five GCC 3 Days bundles for every three days.
    • Five GCC 7 Days bundles for every seven days.


  • How do I check my Roaming Data balance?

    For postpaid, visit the data portal at or use the du app. For prepaid, simply dial *135#

  • Can I get another GCC Roaming Data Bundle if I haven’t finished my current one?

    Yes, you can! Your unused data will be added to the new GCC Roaming Data Bundle with an extended validity.

  • What happens if I run out of Roaming Data or don’t have a Roaming Data bundle?

    If you’re on postpaid, visit or use the du app to either buy another data bundle or use One World, One Rate (pay per use rates).

    The pay per use cap depends on what kind of postpaid plan you’re on:

    a) Smart Plan/Emirati Plan 300 and above: AED 1,000
    b) Smart Plan/Emirati Plan 150: AED 500

    If you’re on prepaid, dial*135*20# to either buy a data bundle or use One World, One Rate (pay per use) for 24 hours.

  • Can I use the GCC Roaming Data Bundles in the UAE?

    All of our Roaming Data bundles can only be used outside of the UAE.

  • I have to travel to the GCC, come back to the UAE, then travel to the GCC again. Can I still use the bundle?

    Yes, as long as the bundle is still valid when you travel to the GCC.

  • If I have more than one GCC Roaming Data Bundle, bought on different dates, will that extend its validity?

    Yes, as long as the bundles are the same kind. For example, you bought a new GCC 3-days bundle, the old GCC 3-days bundle’s validity will be extended for another three days and you’ll have a total of 4 GB Roaming Data.

  • Does the validity date change or extend depending on the time zone?

    No, the validity date is not dependent on the time zone.

  • I am on a postpaid plan. Can I still get the bundle if I’m in the middle of my bill cycle?

    Yes, the charges will be added to your monthly postpaid bill.

  • How do I know if my bundle is expired?

    We’ll send you an SMS to let you know your bundle’s expired.

  • Why can’t I access the data portal or the du app when I’m abroad?

    Make sure that your WiFi is turned off and your roaming data option is turned on. You may disable all the apps to avoid automatic background updates.

    If you are still unable to access or the app, clear the Cache or History from your mobile:

    Go to Settings >> Safari Settings >> scroll down to ‘Clear History and Web Site Data’. Once that’s done, reopen your Safari browser.

    Go to Browser >> Settings >> Privacy >> Delete Personal Data (find the Cache and Cookies that need to be deleted). Once that’s done, open a new browser.

    If the page still doesn’t work, follow the below steps:

    Go to Settings >> Safari Settings >> Block Cookies, and select ‘Never’.

    Go to Settings >> Content Settings >> Advanced, and select ‘Accept Cookies’.

  • I am a postpaid customer with BlackBerry National service. Can I use a GCC Roaming Data bundle with my BlackBerry services?

    Yes, but we recommend you getting a Roaming BlackBerry Package. When you use up your Roaming BlackBerry Package, you can buy a Roaming Data bundle or use One World, One Rate (pay per use).