What are the documents I need?

Passport with valid residency or Emirates ID and one of the following:
  • Valid credit card issued by a UAE institution
  • Current tenancy/ownership contract
  • Last month’s utility bill with physical address
  • Salary certificate showing minimum salary of AED 2,500

What does flexible minutes mean?

Your Flexible Minutes cover the charges for call forwards from the UAE. However, the costs from the roaming network are not included, so be aware that you will have additional charges.

What is a preferred number?

Preferred number allows you to choose any UAE number (mobile or landline) and get free talktime (amount based on your plan) to that selected number.

Does my plan include international roaming services?

No. You will need to activate roaming services.
Standard roaming: For the first 3 months, a refundable deposit of AED 2,000 is required OR sign up for auto-payments.
UAE nationals: Roaming available by default, no deposit is required. You will need to call 155 to activate.

Are there any charges if I change my plan?

Upgrade: No additional charges. The contract type of the new plan will be the same as the old plan.
Downgrade: Only possible upon cancellation of contract. Refer to cancellation clause for charges.

What if I run out of data?

You will need to buy an additional bundle. Visit du.ae/databundles to learn more about our data packs.

What are the charges after I run out of my monthly benefits?

National Call Rate AED 0.32/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International call rate for flexible plan (to selected 175 destinations) AED 1.26/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International call rate for national plan (to selected 190 destinations) AED 1.53/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International call rate for remaining destinations AED 3.78/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
National SMS rate AED 0.19/SMS (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International SMS rate AED 0.63/SMS (Inclusive of 5% VAT)

What is the cost for cancelling my plan?

  Before 6 months After 6 months
No contract AED 300 (+ 5% VAT) will be charged No charge
12-months contract AED 150 (+ 5% VAT) x remaining months AED 150 (+ 5% VAT) x remaining months
24-months contract AED 300 (+ 5% VAT) x remaining months AED 300 (+ 5% VAT) x remaining months

You may end a particular service on 30 days written notice to du.

Disclaimer: All information on this product is subject to change.