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du app

Enjoy easy access to these services whether you’re a prepaid, postpaid or enterprise customer.


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  • Quick and easy way to pay
  • Analyse usage
  • More transparency on spending
  • Manage multiple du accounts
  • Book an appointment to visit the store
  • Shop online
  • Access online support



Book a time to visit our stores and reduce waiting time.


Quick and easy way to pay

Pay your bill using a credit/debit card. If you're a prepaid customer, easily recharge with a voucher or a credit/debit card.

Check balance

As a prepaid customer you can check your balance and a postpaid customers you can see a breakdown of your data, voice and SMS usage.

More transparency on spending

View the last six itemised bills and send a copy of your bill to your email address.

Manage multi du accounts

Now you can pay for your family and friends' bills using one account.

Shop online

Access the latest offers on our online shop and get the latest smartphones with a plan of your choice delivered to your door.

Access online support

Get quick answers to help you manage your services with useful tips and video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the app do?

The updated, redesigned du App makes it easy for you to find out about our services. You’ll also get updates on our latest offers and promotions on our online shop, an easy to use store locator and you can easily find all the information by viewing the video tutorials or browsing the interactive how to section.


  • Easy way to view balance, pay bill or update your profile
  • Access to our online shop
  • Store location finder
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive ‘How to’ section with ability to send direct SMS
  • Dual language support (English and Arabic)
  • Customer care contact information

2. How do I get the du app?

You can download the du app by visiting the iTunes store for iPhone or Google for Android and searching for du.

3. How do I install the du app?

Once you download the app from iTunes, connect your phone to your computer and then sync your phone. This should install the du app on your phone.

4. How much does the app cost?

The app is free.

5. Do you have Android/Blackberry version?

Currently we only have the iPhone and Android version which works on phone and tablets. We are working on Windows and blackberry version.

6. Is there just one offer listed on the app?

The app holds six most recent offers, you can swipe right to left to see additional offers.

7. How do I check how far the du shop, Wifi hotspot or payment locations is from where I am?

Clicking on “Find Us” button displays the list of all the du store, wifi hotspot and payment locations. The distance mentioned to a particular location is based on how far you are compared to your current location.

8. I can’t see the distance to a particular location.

In order for the app to calculate the distance, you need to turn on the location on your phones.

9. How do I change the language to Arabic/English?

You can change the language to Arabic/English by clicking on the “Setting” on the top right corner and selecting “Arabic/English” from the language option.

10. What versions of iOS will this app work with?


11. On what devices can the app be installed?

  • iOS (Phone & tablet)
  • Android (Phone & tablet)
  • Windows – under development (Phone & tablet)
  • Blackberry 10 – under development

12. Will the user be charged for the data usage on this app?

Users will be charged when viewing video tutorials as they are directed to youtube and downloading additional apps as they will be directed to the store. Any other activity within the app is not charged.

13. Can non-du customers also download the app?