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Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

Caller Tunes


Caller Tunes

Express yourself. Play your favourite songs on every call.

Select a tune and let your callers hear when they call you before you pick up your phone. You can even choose shuffle tune as Caller Tunes and play your favourite songs randomly on every call. You can listen and choose from our caller tunes online here.

Click here to find your favourite tune

Tariffs How to activate  How to deactivate
  • Monthly charge of AED 5
  • AED 3 per month/tune
  • Calling 156 is charged at normal call rate of 0.5 fils/second
  • SMS is charged at normal rate of 18 fils per SMS 
  • Call 156 and press 2 to browse the music catalogue
  • SMS 'CT [Code]' to 1560.
  • Set another user’s tune by pressing * when you are listening to their Caller Tune
  • You can also view and download Caller Tunes on Selfcare
  • SMS “CTD” to 1560