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Talk & Surf

Enjoy our home services with: 

  • Up to 100 Mbps internet connection
  • Free calls to any UAE landline plus low cost international calls
  • TV and movies on the go with the du View app
  • Get Apple TV with easy monthly installment
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Existing customer, click here to add Apple TV to your current home services package

Speeds shown in the table above are the maximum speeds available. The actual speed of your internet will vary based on location, network technology, time of day and home network setup.

1 View Anywhere: watch Live TV at home or on the go with our free du View app, available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Learn more

If you are an existing customer and would like to make changes to your plan please contact our call center on 800 155.


More information

New customer

Order through the website by filling out the above form or visit any of our shops across the UAE.

Required documents

Nationality Documents 

UAE Nationals

One of the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Emirates ID
 GCC Nationals

One of the following:

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid GCC passport


One of the following:

  • Passport with valid UAE visa
  • Valid Emirates ID

You will also need:

  • Copy of a bill from Etisalat (for existing Etisalat customers)
  • Proof of address: your current tenancy/ownership contract or your last month's utility bill with a physical address. If the address isn't in your name then you’ll need an authorization letter and the owner’s Emirates ID as well.

Home services install fees and deposits
Installation fee AED 200
Home services deposit
(Amount is waived off if you register your credit card for auto debit.)
AED 200
Local calls

Any UAE landline Mobile
All day, any day of the week Free 0.6 fils/second

International calls
Days 9am - 9pm 9pm-9am
Saturday to Thursday 3 fils/second* As low as 1 fils/second
Friday 1.5 fils/second As low as 1 fils/second

*After the first 5 minutes, call rate will be 1.5 fils/second.

Additional services
Days Monthly fee (AED) Installation fee (AED)
Advanced Call Features 20 50
Static IP 10 -
Additional Landline 15 -


Cancellation and Downgrade fees

Talk & Surf has a 12 months commitment. During that period an early exit fee will apply equal to an administration fee plus the outstanding cost of any benefit (device or discount) provided to you prorated for the remaining contract duration.

Cancellation and downgrade fees AED
Plan downgrade (within 12 months) 100
Pay TV package downgrade or cancellation (within three months) 100
  • Why choose du?

    With Talk & Surf you get the best value internet and call plans with fast internet speeds. Free calls to UAE landlines, low international call rates and great TV and movies via our du View app.

  • I’m with another service provider, can I change provider?

    Simply choose one of our great value Talk & Surf plans and we’ll manage everything else, including moving your services over from your old provider. Fill in your details in the request form and we will contact you back.

  • Do I have to contact my current provider?

    No, if you’re migrating your existing service we’ll manage everything for you.

  • Where is Talk & Surf available?

    The package is available nation-wide for customers with a fibre internet connection.  However if you’re in Dubai you should order one of our Talk, Surf and Watch plans which offer even better value.

  • What happens after I order?

    We’ll keep you informed by SMS and email every step of the way. We aim to get you connected within a week if you’re changing providers, and 10 days if it’s a new installation.

  • Can I get internet while I’m waiting to be connected?

    To make sure you don’t miss a thing, when you order you’ll get a Home Welcome Pack with a mobile data SIM and enough data to keep you online while we connect you.

  • Can I keep my current service and order another service from du?

    Yes, you can order a new line from us. Please note you will receive bills from your current provider and du.

  • Do I have to pay the deposit?

    No, if you opt in for auto-payment using your credit card, you don’t have to pay the AED 200 deposit. Please note, once you resign of the auto-payment, we will ask you to pay the full amount of the deposit.

  • What are the upload speeds for each plan?


    Download speed

    Upload speed


    8 Mbps

    2 Mbps


    16 Mbps



    24 Mbps

    6 Mbps


    100 Mbps

    24 Mbps

  1. A commitment of 12 months is required for all new Talk & Surf customers.

  2. All new Home service customers will receive a router at the time of the installation. The router will depend on the plan selected

  3. Customers subscribed to Talk & Surf, Talk, Surf & Watch or Homephone enjoy free calls to national landline numbers, both to du and Etisalat numbers. If customers exceed 2000 minutes/month, calls above the limit may be charged at standard rate

  4. All calls are charged at rate depending on the destination being called and the time the call was made. There are three time periods Peak: Saturday to Thursday 9am – 9pm, Low rate: Friday 9am -9pm and Off Peak: Saturday to Friday 9pm – 9am. Peak calls after the 5th minute will be charged at low rate price

  5. Customers may subscribe to only one broadband connection per location

  6. Speed shown are the maximum available. The actual speed will vary based on location, network technology, time of the day and home network setup.

  7. Any change in Talk & Surf or Talk, Surf & Watch plan will mean the customer migrates to one of the current available plans. Customers can upgrade their broadband speed (by changing plan) as many times they wish with no upgrade charges. Customers downgrading their broadband speed (by changing plan) within the first 12 months for Talk & Surf or Talk, Surf & Watch or within the first 3 months for standalone will be charged the applicable downgrade fee.

  8. du customers cannot request to voluntarily suspend their Home Services

  9. If the customer cancels the service within the minimum term an early termination fee equalling the sum of any promotion savings will be charged except in the following circumstances: death of account holder, account holder going into military service or where authorised by Commercial Home segment team.

  10. Other Terms. The purchase of the Offer is subject to du’s General Terms and Conditions, Specific Terms and Conditions for Home Services and terms associated with the relevant Plan (copies of which can be found on the du Website). Where there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and those other terms, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail).