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Visiting the UAE

Welcome to your second home.

We will help you make the most of your visit by taking care of all your communication needs while in the UAE. Discover our products and services for visitors to the UAE.

Roaming on our network

If you wish to use your home country SIM in the UAE, you can easily connect by roaming on our network in three easy steps:

  1. Go to the 'Network Settings' menu on your mobile phone
  2. Choose 'manual' operator selection.
  3. Select ‘du’ or ‘UAE03’


Visitor Mobile Line

It's easy and affordable to get a local SIM in the UAE, our Visitor Mobile Line has been specially created with you in mind. And it only costs AED 55.


Visitors with postpaid subscriptions coming from over 415 foreign operators (in over 140 countries) can make and receive calls while roaming on our network. Visitors with prepaid subscription coming from 158 foreign operators can make voice calls while roaming on our network.

To call any number, please remember to use the following format:
+ [international-code] [local area code minus the first zero] [phone number]

Voice Mail

You can always access your voice mail, your operator's customer service and other services using the same number you would back home (some operators may not support this feature).

For more information, you may call our Customer Care on +971 55 5678155.


Visitors with postpaid and prepaid subscriptions from over 415 foreign operators from over 140 countries can send and receive SMS while roaming on our network. To ensure that messages get through, enter the recipient's mobile number in the international format.

For example, to send an SMS to the local UAE number 055 123 4567, you would ave to send it to +971 55 123 4567.

High-speed mobile internet, MMS, Blackberry and video-call services

  • If you have a postpaid subscription, you can quickly access the Internet and check your e-mails while roaming with our 3G/EDGE/GPRS networks.
  • You may also share your UAE experiences with your friends and family back home by sending them MMS, making a video call, or sharing photos using our data network.
  • Please check with your home operator whether they allow you to use data and video-call services whilst abroad.
  • Please check with your home operator for the roaming charges while roaming on our network.

Useful numbers

Service Number
Emergency hotline 999
Abu Dhabi Police 02 446 1461
Abu Dhabi Airport 02 575 7500 / 02 575 7346
Dubai Police 04 609 5555 / 04 609 9999
Dubai Airport (flight enquiries) 04 216 6666
Dubai Airport Taxi 04 224 5331
Sharjah Police 06 563 3333
Ras Al Khaimah Police 07 205 3000
Umm Al Quwaim Police 06 765 6677
Ajman Police 06 743 9999
Fujairah Police 09 222 4411
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