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Easy Roaming


Easy Roaming

Roam as if you’re at home.

With Easy Roaming, you can now make calls while abroad at UAE rates. Make locals calls at 30 fils per minute or enjoy a 100 MB data bundle for only AED 50, without paying a roaming deposit.

Opt in to Easy Roaming for a low 30-day activation fee of only AED 10.

To find out if your destination is included in the Easy Roaming offer, click here.   

With the addition of 7 new countries, our Easy Roaming service will reach 52 countries from 15 August 2014. We’ve also expanded our preferred operators to 127. So roam as if you were at home in more countries than ever before.

Voice usage charges

Charge (AED) per minute

Local calls (calls within the visited country)


Incoming calls




Call Back Home (UAE)


IDD (calls outside the visited country)


Calls to satellite and premium destinations



30 Days

Data bundles

Fee (AED)

Data allowance


1 Day data bundle


100 MB

24 hours

1 Week data bundle


1 GB

7 days

1 Month data bundle


1 GB

30 days


How to subscribe

You can opt-in while in the UAE or when abroad.

While in UAE:

Send Easy to 5102 to activate our Easy Roaming offer. (Please note that this SMS will be free of charge.)

While abroad:

1. Send Easy to 5102 to activate our Easy Roaming offer. (Please note that this SMS will be free of charge.)

2. You can activate after receiving a Bon Voyage SMS regarding our Easy Roaming offer and applicable networks in the country of your visit:

·Reply with A: to activate the offer.

·Reply with I: to learn about our Easy Roaming offer.

3. Alternatively, you can call our Call Center on +971555678155 from a different line and activate Easy Roaming service.


Who can subscribe to Easy Roaming?

All our new and existing prepaid or postpaid customers using voice and data services can subscribe to Easy Roaming.

How is the Easy Roaming opt-in fee charged?

There is an opt-in fee of AED 10, which is valid for 30 days.

  • The opt-in fee will be charged as an OCC (other credit charge) irrespective of bill cycle for postpaid customers.
  • The opt-in fee will be deducted from More Time balance if you’re a prepaid customer.

What happens if I’m a prepaid customer and I don’t have enough balance for the Easy Roaming opt in fee?

You’ll receive an SMS reminding you to recharge with a minimum of AED 10 in order to subscribe to Easy Roaming.

What happens in Lebanon, satellite and in-flight roaming?

Easy Roaming isn’t available on these networks.

What are the charges for accessing the mobile data portal and the opt-in SMS while roaming?

Both the mobile data portal and opt in SMS are free of charge while you are roaming.

Easy Roaming Data Bundles

What are Easy Roaming Data Bundles?

They’re new bundles for postpaid and prepaid roaming. They’re available either for one day, one week or one month and can be used only on preferred networks. The Easy Roaming Data Bundles are available in two zones. (Easy Roaming Partners and the Rest of the world)

Bundle Type


Easy Roaming Partners

Rest of the World (ROW)*

1 Day AED 50 100 MB 4 MB
1 Week AED 200 1 GB 40 MB

1 Month

AED 500

1 GB

140 MB

*Data in Lebanon, in-flight and satellite is available on pay per use only at AED 1 per 15 KB.

The pricing and validity of the Rest of the World Roaming Data Bundles (ROW) is as below:

Bundle type

Bundle data



1 Day

4 MB*

AED 50

24 ours

*Data in Lebanon, in-flight and satellite is available on pay per use only at AED 1 per 15 KB.

How can I subscribe to the Easy Roaming Data Bundles?

Postpaid :

Buy an Easy Roaming Bundles once you’re are abroad through

You’ll be asked to select one of the following options (If it’s a preferred partner network):

  • Purchase one-off bundles (1 day/1 week/1 month) or
  • Use pay per use

If you choose to purchase a bundle then you’ll need to click on Manage My Data to buy the bundle.

Note: the mobile data portal can only be accessed from the device that’s connected to your SIM.


Buy an Easy Roaming Bundle once you’re abroad by dialing *135*20#

You’ll be asked to select one of the following options (If it’s a preferred partner network):

  • Purchase one-off bundles (1 day/1 week/1 month) or
  • Use pay per use

Do I have to opt in for Easy Roaming to buy an Easy Roaming Data Bundle?

If you have roaming service active on your line

No, you can activate Easy Roaming Data Bundles as long as you have roaming active on your line. You’ll need to visit (postpaid) or dial *135*20# (prepaid). Choose the data package of your choice; 1 day, 1 week or 1 month data bundle.

If you have no roaming service active

You’ll need to opt in for the Easy Roaming offer while in the UAE to get roaming on preferred networks without deposit. Once Easy Roaming is active you can purchase Easy Roaming Bundles.

In which countries can I use Easy Roaming Data Bundles?

Easy Roaming Data Bundles are available with all our preferred roaming partners. For the list of partners,click here.


How can I check the balance of my Easy Roaming Data Bundle?

Postpaid users can their balance by visiting

Prepaid users can their balance by dialing *135#.

What happens if I buy multiple Easy Roaming Data Bundles on different dates, will the expiry date extend?

Yes, the validity will extend for the same bundle category. E.g. If you buy a new 1 day bundle, the existing 1 day bundle validity will be extended by 24 hours and not the 1 week and 1 month bundles.

Note: You cannot extend the validity of an Easy Roaming Data Bundle by buying another 1 day ROW bundle, as they are for different zones.

Does the validity period change or extend depending on the time zone?

No, the validity period is not dependent on the time zone and will be counted from when it was activated.

Is there any limit on the number of Easy Roaming Data Bundles I can buy per day/week/month?


  • 5 x 1 day bundles in 24 hours
  • 5 x 1 week bundles in 7 Days
  • 5 x 1 month bundles in 30 Days

How will I know that my Easy Roaming Data Bundle has expired?

The customer will receive an SMS upon the expiry of the bundle.

Can I activate an Easy Roaming Data Bundle and have PPU at the same time?

Yes, if the active bundle can’t be used with the operator where you’re roaming, then you can use PPU until you reach the PPU cap.

Terms and conditions

1. About the Offer

1.1. The Offer is available to all pre-paid and post-paid customers (Customers). The Offer provides Customers with special voice rates and data bundle rates while roaming.

1.2. The Offer will be applicable while roaming in a number of countries worldwide. Customers can choose any of the listed network partners in those selected countries while roaming. Please refer to du’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) made available at the URL: for information relating to those countries and networks.

1.3. The Offer is not available in Lebanon, via Satellite and during in-flight service.

1.4. Customers can opt-in to the Offer from the UAE or elsewhere.

1.5. Voice rates

1.5.1. The Offer provides Customers similar voice rates as may be available to them in the UAE while roaming.

1.6. Data Bundles

1.6.1. Whist the Offer provides for discounted roaming rates, it also provides Customers data bundle packages valid for a day, a week and a month at preferential rates for a specific time period. Refer to FAQ for detailed information.

1.6.2. Customer can purchase multiple data bundles. The benefits of each data bundle shall only accumulate to the same bundle category.

1.6.3. Activation of data bundle package alone is possible. Customers can activate, top-up or subscribe to one of the data bundles through the data portal http:/

2. Term

2.1. The Offer is valid for 30 days from the opt-in day (Term). Standard roaming charges will apply upon expiry of the Term.

3. Charges

3.1. Customers can opt-in to the Offer by sending SMS to the Short Code 9812 for a fee of AED10 by using the keyword Easy. Customers will receive activation confirmation via SMS. They will have to choose options by using any given keyword while being abroad.

3.2. No charges will apply for the opt-in SMS and opt-in through the data portal while roaming.

3.3. Customers need not pay any roaming deposit during the Term of this Offer. du’s standard roaming deposit policy will apply if a Customer needs roaming in all the networks worldwide.

4. Data Usage

4.1. In order to check data usage and available balance, post-paid customers need to visit du’s data website at and click on ‘Manage my data’ and pre-paid customers must dial *135#.

5. du reserves the right to vary, amend or withdraw these terms and conditions.

6. The Offer is subject to du’s General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services (Standard Terms) (a copy of which can be found on the du website). If there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this Offer and the Standard Terms then these terms and conditions shall prevail.

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