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More Time Bundle offer

More Time bundle offer

Data bundles from your More Time balance for Pay As You Go® Data SIM users.

You can now get a data bundle from your “More Time” balance on your Pay As You Go® data SIM simply by sending a free SMS to 1311.

Use the following SMS commands to buy a data bundle as per your needs:

Bundle allowance (per month) Bundle Price (per month) SMS command to 1311
40 MB AED 20 moredata20
100 MB AED 50 moredata50
1 GB AED 100 moredata100
4 GB AED 200 moredata200
25 GB AED 500 moredata500

Please note that you’ll be unable to use data on a pay per use basis. You need to get a data bundle to be able to access the internet.

Frequently asked questions
1. I’ve recharged my More Time balance but I still can’t browse with my internet key. Why?
Please note that you can’t use data on a pay per use basis on your data line. Ideally, you should recharge your PayG data line by using the “more data” option to buy data bundles directly upon recharge.  However, and as you have already recharged your balance with more time, you can buy a data bundle from your more time balance simply by sending a free SMS to 1311 from your internet key software or from a mobile phone.

To know the SMS command for your choice of data bundle, please view the above table.

2. Do I have to follow this process to enjoy a new data bundle?
No. This is a convenience provided to customers who have mistakenly recharged with “More Time” from the internet key dashboard and have to call our Customer Care Team to correct the same.

From now, to successfully use your internet key, you have to upgrade its software and then recharge or buy a new data bundle only with More Data.

3. Can I buy as many data bundles using my More Time balance or is it a limited function?
You can use this function to your heart’s content. However, for your convenience, you’re advised to recharge through More Data as it’ll help you recharge in a single step.

4. Can I transfer any amount from my More Time balance to purchase a More Data bundle?
You can enjoy any of the above listed data bundles by transferring the required More Time balance. For example, if you have AED 115 in your More Time balance, you can use AED 100 for a 1 GB More Data bundle and the remaining AED 15 will remain in your More Time balance.

Please note that a minimum of AED 20 is required in your More Time balance, to transfer the balance and purchase a new More Data bundle.

5. When can I start browsing after sending the SMS command for a new data bundle?
You can start browsing as soon as you receive a confirmation SMS from us.

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