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Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go®

Now receive 10 flexi minutes as a welcome bonus to use for national or international calls.

With every purchase of a new Pay As You Go® plan for just AED 55, you’ll get a welcome bonus of 10 flexi minutes for national or international* calls, so you can get talking straight away.

Just recharge and enjoy calls, SMS, data and more. No contract, no monthly fee and no deposits.

*International calls to 175 destinations

Buy now

Get back more than you pay for with Pay As You Go®.

Pay As You Go line® AED 55

Welcome bonus
10 free flexi minutes
  • 10 free flexi minutes can be used to make either national or international* calls. 
  • The minutes are valid for 3 days .

   *International calls to 175 destinations

You will also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Pay by the Second
  • Choose from four WoW recharge options: More Time, More International, More Data, or More Credit
  • Easy Recharge starting from only AED 2
  • Me&Mine National gives you special discounts on calls you make to two national numbers
  • Me&Mine International gives you special discounts on calls made you make to two international numbers
  • Stay connected while abroad with international roaming across 380 partner telecom operators in over 130 countries around the world
  • Send credit to any Pay As You Go® and Visitor Mobile Line with One2One.
  • You'll get two Out of Credit calls of one minute duration each when you're out of credit. Call 135 and choose the Out of Credit option. Charges will be deducted from your credit when you recharge next time.

Keep your Pay As You Go® plan for life. 
Just pay the yearly AED 55 as renewal fee by calling 135 and following the prompts (make sure you have AED 55 in your wallet). You’ll get the renewal fee back as More Time credit over a period of 5 months.


Discover a world of entertainment and information on your mobile with MyWorld. Access the latest news, find the best restaurants, play your favourite games and more.

Explore it from your SIM: Go to services / web on your mobile and click home. Or connect on

Next-generation mobile services

  • Video mail
    Busy or just unable to take the video call? Video mail manages your video calls when you’re not available to take them.
  • Video call
    Need a second opinion on what to buy? Maybe you just want to see your friend’s new car. With video calls you’ll never have to hold back.
  • Mobile TV
    Watch your favourite series, sporting events and more over 3G right on your mobile. Click here and discover the possibilities.

Mobile payments

Make instant payments from your mobile. Choose from the bill payments and recharge options available at no additional cost. Learn how to start using mobile payments.

SMS bundles

Activate a one-time or monthly recurring SMS bundle and benefit from lower national SMS rates. Your SMSes from the bundle will not be charged to your account.

National SMS bundles   Activation fee   SMS charge in bundle   Included SMSes   SMS bundle validity  
SMS 30 - AED 5 30 1 month
SMS 60 - AED 9 60 1 month

To activate, simply call 135 or login to Selfcare. Learn more about SMS bundles.

Data bundles

Stay connected on the move. Choose from five new data bundles that will suit every consumption need.

Other services

Service   Activation fee   Monthly fee   Usage charge  
Missed call Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
caller line ID Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
Call forwarding* Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Waiting Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
Call hold Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Conference Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Barring AED 50 AED 10 Not applicable
Joining Pay As You Go®
Pay As You Go®
Connection fee AED 55
Free credit included AED 10
SIM validity and annual renewal

Your Pay As You Go® SIM is valid for 365 days.

We suggest you do the following to avoid permanent deactivation of your SIM:

  • Make the first chargeable call within 15 days from the time of activation.
  • Submit the required documents within 90 days.
  • Use your SIM regularly and ensure chargeable activity at least once every 12 months.
  • Get a replacement of your lost SIM and reactivate your line within 90 days.
  • If your line has lifetime validity, make a chargeable activity worth at least AED 10 once a year.
Annual Renewal charges (payable 365 days after activation, and each 365 days thereafter) AED 55
Call, SMS, MMS and data tariffs
Calls to all mobiles and national landlines 0.6 fils/second
Video calls to du 1 fils/second
National SMS 18 fils
International SMS 60 fils
Multimedia Messages (MMS) to national mobiles 45 fils/MMS
Multimedia Messages (MMS) to international mobiles 180 fils/MMS
National Data Usage (WAP / GPRS / EDGE / 3G) 32 fils/32KB

- All voice calls, SMS, MMS and data services are available without any activation fee.

- To use video calls you need a video call capable device and be within 3G network coverage.

Me&Mine Call Charges

Enjoy discounted rates on calls to your two preferred international numbers and your two preferred national numbers. Set your Me&Mine numbers by calling us on 135

Me&Mine Activation fee Monthly fee Discount Numbers
Me&Mine International Not applicable AED 10 10% Two international landline or mobile numbers
Me&Mine National Not applicable AED 10 10% Two UAE landline or mobile numbers
International calls

We will only charge you by the second on your outgoing international calls you make from the UAE. The table presents the most popular international destinations only, for all details on international call charges please call us on 155.


Country Standard IDD Charges (AED / Sec) Me&Mine Charges (AED / Sec)
  Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Austria 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Bahrain 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Bangladesh 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Egypt 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Germany 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
India 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Iran 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Jordan 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Kuwait 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Lebanon 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Oman 0.0353 0.0167 0.0318 0.015
Pakistan 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Philippines 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Qatar 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Saudi Arabia 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Sri Lanka 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
Syria 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284
United Kingdom 0.0448 0.0318 0.0404 0.0287
USA 0.0353 0.0228 0.0318 0.0206
Yemen 0.04 0.0315 0.036 0.0284

Peak: 7am-2pm and 4pm-9pm (Saturday to Thursday)

Off-peak: 2pm-4pm and 9pm-7am (Saturday-Thursday, Fridays, and Public Holidays)

Mobile Payments

WAP portal:

Browsing du WAP is free of charge. Browsing other WAP sites will be charged at the standard data charges. You are only charged for the content you download. The price will be displayed each time on your mobile before purchase.

SIM Portal

Standard content: AED 0.50 per delivered content

Premium content: AED 4.00 per delivered content (including logos, ringtones, and chat to TV)


Next-generation mobile services
Service Activation fee Monthly fee Usage charges
Mobile TV*      
All channels monthly Free of charge AED 80/bouquet n/a
One channel monthly Free of charge AED 10/month n/a
All-channel daily Free of charge AED 10/day n/a
Videos and specials n/a n/a
AED 5/clip
Video calls to du Free of charge Free of charge 1 fils/sec
Video mail (leaving a message) Free of charge Free of charge 1 fils/sec
WAP and Internet access on your GPRS/3G phone Free of charge Free of charge 1fils /KB

* There are 26 channels on mobile TV to choose from: Al Arabiya, Noor Dubai, Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Dubai Sports, Al Majd, du Bollywood Music, du Cartoons, du Music, Rotana Moussica, Mazzika, Melody Hits, Spacetoon, Al Jazeera Arabic, BBC World, NDTV 24x7, Zee News, Zee TV, Ten Sports, Kairali, Asianet, ARY, GEO TV, ABS–CBN TFC, Kapamilya, Channel i

International Roaming

No roaming deposit is required for Pay As You Go international roaming.

Service Activation fee Usage charges
Making or receiving calls and SMS while abroad Free of charge Depends on destination 

* While roaming abroad, you will be charged for both outgoing and incoming calls. Charges are destination dependant. For details, please call 155.

* Receiving calls and messages while roaming will be charged on a per-minute basis.

WoW Recharge Cards

WoW Recharge Cards are available in the following denominations: AED20, AED50, AED100 and AED200.

For more information on how to use different recharge options, click here.

Useful numbers and charges
Service Number Charge
Directory Enquiries 199 AED 1/call
IVR for Caller tunes 156 Standard voice charge
Voice mail retrieval 161 AED 0.30 per call
Video mail retrieval 162 AED 0.30 per call
Calls to Customer Care 155 Free of charge
Calls to IVR Selfcare 135 Free of charge
Missed call alert - to activate/deactivate 163 Free of charge
Other charges
Item Charge
Migration to postpaid Free of charge
SIM card swap AED 20
Change of contract ownership AED 10
Number change AED 100

Where to buy

Nationality Documents required

UAE Nationals

One of the following:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Emirates ID
 GCC Nationals

One of the following:

  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid GCC passport
  • Valid GCC national ID


One of the following:

  • Passport with valid UAE visa
  • Valid Emirates ID


How to recharge?


  • Easy Recharge – Recharge your mobile anywhere, anytime, starting from AED 2 with Easy Recharge

  • WoW recharge card – You can top up your Pay As You Go with our WoW CardWoW recharge card that you can get at any of our shops and most retailers across the UAE. Every recharge card comes with four options: 'More Credit', 'More Time', 'More International' or 'More Data'.

    For instructions on how to recharge your prepaid line with WoW and for more information on the different options please visit WoW recharge card.



  • Selfcare  Register or login to to manage your account online. You'll be able to do the following:

    -Recharge your account via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club)
    -Recharge with WoW recharge card number
    -Pay for your family and friends
    -Manage 'Me & Mine National' numbers
    -Manage 'Me & Mine International' numbers



  • Recharge your mobile data line with Easy Pay – Recharge your mobile data line by simply entering your WoW recharge card number on the Prepaid Quick Recharge link from your device when connected to our network.
1. What are the new initial benefits for Pay as you Go® &and alo Lines?

With the new initial benefits, when you buy a new Pay as you Go® for AED 55, you’ll get a welcome bonus of 10 free flexi minutes which can be used to make national or international* calls, valid for 3 days from the time of activation.

Note: *Minutes used to make international calls are applicable for 175 destinations.

2. What is included in the free flexi minutes?

The free flexi minutes included with new Pay as you Go® and alo plans can be used for any of the below; whichever is consumed first:

i. National calls (within the UAE)

ii. International calls (to 175 destinations)

Note: when using the free flexi minutes the charges will be on per second basis.

3. How is it different from the current Pay as you Go® line/alo line?

The difference between the current PaYG/alo and the new Pay as you Go®/new alo is as below:

Welcome Bonus

AED 10

AED 10 More Time credit that can be used for all types of calls, SMS and data.

The credit was valid as long as the line is valid.

10 free flexi minutes

10 free flexi minutes can be used to make either national or international calls.

The credit is valid for 3 days

Lifetime Validity

Receive lifetime validity and never pay the annual fee again when you:

a) Use AED 500 in a year or

b) Pay a one-time fee of AED 20 to enjoy your line for life.

Note: To keep your line valid for life all you need to do is use it for just AED 10 a year.



100MB (For Pay as you Go® ONLY)

100MB as More Data credit, which can be used to connect to the internet.

The credit will be valid for a period of 1 month only from the activation.


4. What happens if I bought a Pay as you Go®/alo plan before 16 May 2014?

If you bought PaYG before 16 May 2014 the benefits you’ll get depend on when you make your first call:

First call before 16 May 2014 - the old benefits will be enjoyed i.e. a welcome bonus of AED 10 and 100MB data.

For new alo - the old benefits will be enjoyed i.e. a welcome bonus of AED 10.

First call after 16 May 2014 - the new benefits will be enjoyed i.e. welcome bonus of 10 free flexi minutes which can be used to make national or international calls.

5. If I buy a new Pay as you Go® or alo plan can I subscribe to Life Time Validity?

No, once the new Pay as you Go® or alo welcome bonus of 10 flexi minutes is launched then Life time Validity will no longer be available.

6. What will happen to existing customers who already have Life Time Validity?

Existing customers with Life Time Validity will continue enjoying the benefit. If the Life Time Validity conditions are not met then the customer will lose this benefit and will not be able to opt in again.

7. What are the cascading rules for the welcome bonus of 10 free flexi minutes?

The welcome bonus of 10 free flexi minutes balance type will always be consumed first after the Daily Saver Pack.

8. What are the rate plans that will receive this benefit?

This benefit will be available for new Pay as you Go® and alo customers.

9. How can I check the balance of the welcome bonus?

Your welcome bonus balance and validity can be checked by dialling *135#.

Note: Once the balance is used, you won’t receive will any information when you dial *135#

10. What happens if a I finish all the minutes while still on a call. Will the call continue or will it get dropped if other balances are available?

If you finish all the free minutes while on the call, the call will continue and the charges will be deducted from other balances More Time/More Credit/More International.

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