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Number Privilege Plan

Number Privilege Plan

Choose your exclusive mobile number starting from AED100.

Get your exclusive mobile number with our Number Privilege Plan. All you have to do is sign up for one of our monthly plans and commit to the below minimum monthly usage: 

  • A Gold number - AED 750 monthly usage commitment
  • A Silver number - AED 500 monthly usage commitment
  • A Bronze number - AED 250 monthly usage commitment
  • A Special number - AED 100 monthly usage commitment

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Our Number Privilege Plan is based on a 12 month contract and if you decide to cancel the contract early, foreclosure fees will apply. During the contract period, if you wish to migrate to any plan lower than your minimum monthly usage for the special number, the minimum usage amount will still apply for the remaining period of the contract.

Where to buy 

Visit any of our shops or authorised dealers across the UAE. You can also order it on our online shop and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE.  


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Number Privilege Plan?
The Number Privilege Plan gives you an exclusive number (Gold, Silver, Bronze or Special) with your postpaid plan when you sign for a period of 12 months with a minimum monthly spend commitment.

2. Where can I get a special number?
Special numbers are available at all of our stores and authorised dealers.

3. How much do I pay?
It depends on the number type you choose. See below:

Number type

Monthly min. spend commitment

Contract period


AED 750

12 months


AED 500

12 months


AED 250

12 months


AED 100

12 months

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your plan, we’d recommend you combine the number type of your choice with one of our postpaid plans.

4. Can I have a Number Privilege Plan with my Pay As You Go® line?
No, there are no special numbers for Pay As You Go® lines. You need to have an existing or new postpaid plan.

5. How will I be charged if I subscribe to the Number Privilege Plan in the middle of my bill cycle?
Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle whether it is the first or the last, in case of cancellation, will be prorated.

6. If my monthly plan fee is less than my Number Privilege Plan, how much will I be charged?
You will be charged the minimum monthly fee related to your number type or plan, whichever is the higher of the two fees. For example, if your monthly number type fee is AED 250, and your plan monthly fee is AED 100, you’ll pay AED 250. Or, if your number type monthly fee is AED 100, and your plan monthly fee is AED 250, you’ll pay AED 250.

Any usage above your rate plan allowance will be charged as per your rate plan. Where your rate plan monthly fee is less than your Number Privilege Plan commitment, additional usage costs will only start to show on your bill once your total usage (monthly plan fee plus additional usage) exceeds your NPP monthly commitment. For example, you subscribe to a Bronze number for AED 250 per month and also take Smart Plan 150. With additional usage of AED 150, your bill will show AED 300 (150 + 150).

7. Can I cancel the Number Privilege Plan once I’ve subscribed to it?
You are able to cancel the Number Privilege Plan at any time. However, if you want to cancel before the end of the 12 month contract period, you will need to pay a foreclosure fee, as follows:

Number category

Foreclosure fee


AED 750 x number of remaining months.


AED 500 x number of remaining months.


AED 250 x number of remaining months.


AED 100 x number of remaining months.

NB: you can cancel your contract without incurring a foreclosure fee after the first 12 months.

8. Can I keep my special number by paying the foreclosure fee and ending the contract?
Yes, you can cancel your contract by paying the foreclosure fee and keep your special number. You’ll be charged as per your plan.

9. Can I change my number within the same category, or downgrade/upgrade my number category during the contract period?
You cannot downgrade or upgrade your number within the contract period. You will have to cancel the contract, pay the foreclosure fee and if required, start a new contract.

10. Can I downgrade or upgrade my postpaid pl an during the contract duration?
You can downgrade your plan during the contract period; however you will still be charged the same fee related to the number type. You can still take advantage of all the benefits associated with your new plan as per your number type.

11. What happens if I terminate my plan or switch to Pay As You Go®?
You will have to pay all applicable foreclosure fees for terminating your plan and the foreclosure fee for the Number Privilege Plan if you cancel within the 12 month contract period.

12. What happens after the 12 month contract of the Number Privilege Plan?
After the end of the contract, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your plan, or migrate to any other plan. You’ll be charged as per your chosen plan and continue using the same number.

13. Can I move to a Pay As You Go® plan after the end of the contract period?
Yes, you can move to any plan including Pay As You Go® after the end of the contract period and continue using the same number.

14. Is there an option to pay just an upfront fee and have no monthly minimum fee?
No, there is only a minimum monthly fee. However, you can end the contract at any time by paying the foreclosure fee and continue using the number with any plan you prefer without any contract.

15. Is the Number Privilege Plan permanent offer?
Yes, the Number Privilege Plan is a plan for all customers who are interested in special numbers and remains permanent.

16. Can the ownership of the line be changed during contract period?
No, change of ownership is not possible during the fixed period of the contract. If the ownership is changed, the new owner can take over the contract. However, you may need pay the foreclosure fee and sign a new Number Privilege Plan contract.

17. I have 5 numbers. Can I activate the Number Privilege Plan on all of them?
Yes, you can enjoy the special numbers on any of your numbers.

Terms and Conditions



Terms and conditions


1. Eligibility
1.1. New and existing customers are eligible to take out the Number Privilege Plan under this offer. New customers must take out an Elite mobile plan and existing customers must use the Number Privilege Plan with their existing Elite mobile plan.
1.2. The Number Privilege Plan is only available for customers who sign up for a Number Privilege Plan with a handset and an Elite plan.

2. You have two options that you can choose from:
2.1 Number Privilege Plan with Elite Regular; or
2.2 Number Privilege Plan with any of the available offers at du shops within this plan. Please ask at a du shop or call du Customer Care to have the differences and benefits of each explained to you.

3. Number Privilege Plan
3.1. A minimum monthly usage applies to the Number Privilege Plan. If your monthly usage is less than this minimum monthly usage, you will be charged the minimum usage for that month.
3.2. The credit back will be granted on your bill as defined in the offer.
3.3. This Number Privilege Plan has a fixed term of 1 year. A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your contract early as follows: you will be charged a fee as the monthly minimum spend multiplied by the remaining period of the total 12 months (e.g., for Special monthly minimum usage of AED 100 x 6 = AED 600 as a cancelation fee.
3.4. You can only take out the handset under this Number Privilege Plan. Once you have taken your handset you will not return it.
3.5. We reserve the right not to grant the credit back:
3.5.1 if you fail to pay one of your bills by the due date; and/or
3.5.2 if you submit more than 1 application for the offer.

4. Whilst you are on a Number Privilege Plan you will not be able to change the ownership of the account.

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