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Emirati Plan

Emirati Plan

A plan that brings us closer to each other

Enjoy unique benefits that compliment your lifestyle with your Emirati Plan.
Data Promotion - 10 GB
Take a 12 month contract with the Emirati 250 and above and get an additional 10 GB data per month for 12 months. 

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Emirati 100 Plan Emirati 250 Plan Emirati 500 Plan
National minutes 400 (6+ hours) 1,000 (16+ hours) 2,000 (33+ hours)
National SMS 200 500 1,000
National Data Bundle 500MB 1GB 2GB
International calls Single special rate of 2.42 fils/second (AED 1.45/minute)
Monthly fee AED100 AED250 AED500
Activation fee AED 125 AED 125 AED 125

Choose one of the following 12 month contract options for additional benefits:

  Emirati 100 Plan
Emirati 250 Plan
Emirati 500 Plan

Option 1

Data Promotion – 10 GB 
Get an extra 10 GB per month for 12 months
when you sign a 12 month contract on your plan.


Option 2

Smartphone Offer
Get 10 GB per month for 12 months when you purchase
a new handset and spend a minimum of AED 250 per month.

As a proud Emirati Plan member, you will get:

A Special number
Stand out! Choose from our exclusive range of unique numbers available only on Emirati Plan.

National usage rewards
Because we understand that you like to stay in touch with your friends and family right here in the UAE, you'll enjoy up to 2,000 national minutes, 1,000 SMSes and 2GB of data every month.

International usage rewards
Talk to the world with our single special rate of 2.42 fils/second (AED 1.45/minute) for international calls to over 190 destinations.

Lifestyle rewards
Stay in the know on exclusive events. You'll receive personal invitations to special events, plus special content straight to your phone!

Charity contribution in your name
We'll donate 5% of your monthly fee in your name to a social cause within the UAE. We’ll also keep you posted on all the causes you’re supporting.

Tariff guide

Emirati Plan tariffs
Monthly fee Emirati 100 Plan
– AED 100

Emirati 250 Plan,
– AED 250

Emirati 500 Plan,
– AED 500
Calls to all national mobiles and landlines
(after consuming the free units)
0.5 fils per second
National SMS
(after consuming the free units)
18 fils per message
International calls
(AED 1.45/min)
International SMS 60 fils per message
Multi media message (MMS) - national 45 fils per 50 KB message
Video calls1 1 fils per second
Data usage 0.25 fils/KB
Roaming charges See roaming charges

1 Within our 3G coverage areas and only with 3G devices.

Early cancellation and migration:

  • An early cancellation fee of AED 300 applies if a customer exits Elite Plan before a period of 6 months.
  • An Early migration fee of AED 300 applies if a customer migrates a line from postpaid Elite Plan to prepaid Pay As You Go® plan before a period of 6 months.

Other services

Service Activation fee Monthly fee Usage charge
Missed call Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
caller line ID Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
Call forwarding Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Waiting Free of charge Free of charge Not applicable
Call hold Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Conference Free of charge Free of charge Standard call charges
Call Barring AED 50 AED 10 Not applicable


New customer

Just visit any of our shops or authorised dealers. Please bring along your passport or UAE National ID for proof of citizenship. You can also order it on our online shop and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE. 

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Existing customer

Migrate to Emirati plan simply by calling 155.


The Project will be decided on quarterly bases by a council formed between du and the UAE Red Crescent. The cause will be benefiting people within the UAE, with focus on UAE Nationals.

How will I get informed about those charity initiatives?

You will get updates on the projects that are being funded by the Emirati Plan members and results on regular basis.

Can I donate more to charity?

5% of the Monthly fee will be automatically donated to charity causes within the UAE. You can further donate to the charity through the different options that will be announced later.

Can I have Emirati Plan on top of my Elite Regular Plan or Pay as you Go plan?

No. Emirati Plan is a separate Plan and not a bundle that can be added to your current plan. You can migrate your current plan to one of the Emirati Plans; Emirati 500 Plan, Emirati 250 Plan or Emirati 100 plan.

How can I subscribe to Emirati Plan if I am an existing customer?

You can migrate to Emirati plan by visiting any of our stores or call our Elite Hotline on 155.

Once you are a member of Emirati Plan, you can migrate between different Elite Plans by calling 135

Can I migrate to Emirati Plan through Self care (calling 135 or Web Selfcare)?

Unfortunately, you will not be able currently to migrate to Emirati Plan from Self Care on 135 or web self care. However, we are working on enabling this option.

How will I be charged if I get my Emirati Plan within the mid of my bill cycle?

Your charges for any uncompleted bill cycle whether it is at the first or at the last of the month will be prorated. Your benefits for those months including free National minutes, SMS and data will also be prorated.

What is the contract duration of the Emirati Plan?

The Emirati Plan is not based on a contract. Number Privilege Plan Contract applies only if you choose a special number (Gold, Silver or bronze) along with the Plan.

Can I cancel the Emirati Plan once subscribed to it?

You are able to cancel the Emirati Plan at any time. A charge of AED 300 will apply upon cancelation within the first 3 months. For Emirati Plan with Special Numbers (Gold, Silver or Bronze) foreclosure fee will apply.

Can I retain my Emirati Plan Number (055 11…) upon migrating to another plan?

Yes, you can retain your Emirati Plan number with another plan from du, and your plan benefits and rating will be changed as per your new plan.

However, if your special number is with a contract as part of Number Privilege Plan, the same minimum commitment will apply depending on your number type during the contract period.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my Emirati Plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Emirati Plan and you will be charged the monthly usage related to the plan that is associated with it.

Is the Emirati Plan a limited promotion?

No, it’s a permanent Plan available for all.

Can the ownership of the line be changed?

After 1 year of subscription the ownership can be changed.

Can I get a Smartphone privilege plan along with my Emirati Plan?

SPP is only by invitation, so if you have been offered a Smartphone Privilege Plan by us, you can get it with the Emirati Plan.

Can I get a Smartphone along with Elite Emirati Plan?

All handset offers that are available in the market are applicable to Emirati Plan.

What if my usage per month is less than the minimum usage?

Unfortunately, if your monthly usage is less than the minimum usage, you will still be charged the minimum usage.

FAQs for Data Promotion - 10GB

1. What is ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

‘Data Promotion - 10GB' enables Consumer Postpaid Customers to get an additional 10GB of datafor 12 months when they sign a 12 month contract on eligible postpaid plans.

2. What are the benefits of ‘Data Promotion- 10GB’ for its customers?

When customers avail of the offer they will get an additional 10GB of data for 12 months.

3. What are the details of the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

'The Data Promotion - 10GB' details are as follows:

For new or existing customers and Postpaid Consumer customers with Smart Plan 300/600/1000, and Emirati Plan 250/500.

To benefit from the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’, a 12 month contract is required.

Once the 12 month contract is signed, they will get the data already included with their respective postpaid plan, plus an additional 10GB dataallowance at no additional charge over the Monthly recurring Charge (MRC)for 13 bill cycles.

Example : I f a customer has Smart Plan 300, which already provides the customer with 2GB of data monthly, then they will get an additional 10GB, for a data total of 12GB for 12 months.

The additional 10GB of data monthly will have a validity of one bill cycle.

Note: If a customer subscribes in the middle of the bill cycle, they'll get free data on the current bill cycle as well as on the next bill. Any unused data will be lost.

When the 12 months are over customers will no longer get the free 10GB offer unless they sign another contract, only if the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ is still available.

4. Who is eligible for the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ will be available for new or existing customers, and Postpaid Consumer customers with Smart Plan 300/600/1000or Emirati Plan 250/500when they sign a 12 month contract with their plans.

Note: Customers with SPP, Smartphone Offer and Device discount (as part of the Smart Plan) contracts/offers will not be eligible for the promotion.

5. What is the duration of the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

It is a limited time promotion, starting from 5th September 2014.

6. How can a customer activate ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ is activated when Consumer Postpaid customers with Smart Plan 300/600/1000and/or Emirati Plan 250/500sign a 12 month contract with their plans.

Customers with SPP, Smartphone Offer, and Device discount (as part of the Smart Plan) cannot receive the‘Data Promotion - 10GB’.

Note: ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ is compatible with Multi SIM.

7. Where can a customer subscribe to ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ will be available in our shops, indirect sales, and through partners.

Note: CRM should be used for new customer activation, while BSCB should be used for existing customers.

8. Can the 10GB of free data be carried forward to the next month?

Free units are applicable for use within the ongoing bill cycle. Data must be used before the end of promotion.

9. How can customers check the balance of the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ allowance?

SMSs will be sent to customers when consumption reaches 70%, 85%, & 100% of the data bundle.

Additionally customers can check their balance as below:

Customer Type

Balance Method


SMS ‘Rewards’to 1233

Log on to

Download du Data Manager App Selfcare Portal

10. How long can a customer enjoy data for ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

The ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ is valid for a period of 12 months from the time the offer is activated.

i.e. 13 bill cycles.

Note : Once the offer ends the customer will no longer receive the 10GB of free data.

11. Can a customer change their rate plan once the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ has been subscribed?

Yes, a customer can change their rate plan to another eligible rate plan E.g. customers can move from a Smart Plan/Emirati Plan with an MRC of at least AED 250 per month.

Note: Customers will not be able to change to a non-eligible rate plan within the offer period without first terminating the contract and paying the applicable early termination/foreclosure fee.

12. What happens if a customer changes their rate plan to another eligible rate plan ? Will their monthly MRC change?

Yes, the monthly recurring charge (MRC) will change based on the rate plan that the customer has moved to. Example: If a customer has Smart Plan 300, then moves to Emirati 250, they will pay the MRC of the latest rate plan for the remainder of the contract period.

13. What does a customer need to do if they have SPP , or any other Smartphone Offer, and would like to benefit from the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

If a customer is currently benefitting from any Smartphone Offer that cannot be used with the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ then they will first need to terminate the current contract and pay any foreclosure/termination fees if applicable. They can then subscribe to the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’.

14. Will the Smartphone Offer continue for customers after the launch of ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’?

Yes, Smartphone Offer will continue to be available to customers who wish to subscribe to it. However, any customer with Smartphone Offer/SPP/Device discount (as part of the Smart Plan) will not be eligible for ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’.

15. Will customers be notified about the offer activation, deactivation , and expiration?

Yes. Customers will receive SMS notifications at the time of offer activation and deactivation.

On the completion of offer period, customers will receive notification of offer expiry.

16. What happens if the postpaid customer doesn’t pay the bill?

If the Postpaid customer doesn't pay the bill then the line will be suspended, and they will be unable to use the bundle. The expiry of the monthly bundle will remain the same, and any unused data will be lost and cannot be carried forward when the line is reconnected after payment.

17. How is the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ different from the Smartphone Offer?

The current Smartphone Offer requires a customer to purchase a new Smartphone in order to enjoy its benefits. With the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’, customers can enjoy the offer with their existing device (purchase of a new smartphone isn’t required).

18. What happens after 12 months of the Offer?

After 12 months, customers will receive an SMS notification that the offer has expired and will no longer receive the 10GB of data.

19. Can a customer cancel the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ before 12 months?

Yes, customers can cancel the ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’, however an early termination fee of AED 50 for the remaining months of the bill cycle will apply.

Note: To cancel the offer customers will need to visit any of our shops.

20. What will happen if the full ‘Data Promotion - 10GB’ allowance is used?

Customers will be redirected to the du My Data Portal under the no bundle, no browsing policy, and can purchase additional data bundles.


Terms and Conditions for Data Promotion - 10GB

Data Promotion – 10 GB” offer (the Offer) is subject to these terms and conditions. du reserves the right to vary, amend or withdraw these terms and conditions. du will publish these terms and conditions, and any revisions to them, on its website (du Website).

1. Eligible Customers: All new or existing customers of du’s post-paid mobile consumer plans, more specifically, Smart Plan 300/600/1000 and Emirati Plan 250/500customers are eligible to avail this Offer (Customers or you). This Offer will not be applicable if you have opted for SPP, Smartphone Offer and any device discount with your mobile post-paid plan.

2. Offer Benefits and Term: Under this limited time Offer, on top of data available with your specific plan; you will get an additional 10 GB data for 12 months with your 12 months eligible post-paid plans at no additional fee or monthly recurring charge.

3. Usage: You must use your 10 GB data allowance within the bill cycle. Any unused data will not be carried over. You will receive SMS notification when data usage reaches various thresholds, such as 70%, 85% and 100% of the total 10GB limit. You can also check your balance data by sending a SMS using the keyword ‘Rewards’ to 1233. You must pay your monthly bill for the continued use of free data. You can purchase additional data bundles from du’s my data portal upon consumption of your monthly free data.

4. Refer to FAQ for all information regarding the Offer including options to check balance data, billing cycle etc.

5. Changing your rate plan: once subscribed to the Offer, you can change your rate plan to one of the eligible rate plans mentioned in clause 1 above.

6. Early termination fee: An early termination fee of AED50/ month for remaining months applies if you terminate your plan under the Offer before the expiry of 12 months term. You can terminate your plan by visiting one of du shops.

7. FAQ: Refer to du’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available on the du Website for additional information about the Offer including the type of calls, SMS and data which Customers can use with their Bonus.

8. The Offer is valid for a limited period which will be updated on du Website.

9. The Offer is subject to du’s General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services (a copy of which can be found on the du Website). Where there is any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this Offer, du’s General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services, then these Offer terms will prevail.


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