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Data devices & SIMs

Data devices and SIMs

Data devices and SIMs

Choose one of our Internet Keys or Mobile WiFi modems to meet your connectivity needs and budget wherever you are.

Internet Keys (dongles)
Our Internet Keys with a data line allow you to connect you computer or router to the internet via our 4G LTE and 3G data network. Benefits include:

  • Enjoy high-speed data connectivity using our mobile network
  • Choose from an Internet Key to attach to your computer, or a Wi-Fi hotpot device to connect up to 5 devices wirelessly .
  • Stay connected on the go at home or at the office
  • Send and receive SMSes from your laptop
  • Recharge, pay online and check the balance of your Pay As You Go® data line
  • Get data storage on your internet key 
  • Choose between a Pay As You Go® or monthly data line

Mobile WiFi (MiFi)

Mobile Wi-Fi is a great way to connect up to 5 of your devices when you're out and about. Share your Mobile Broadband from as low as AED 100 with our 1 GB Data Bundle. Bundles with 4 GB and 25 GB are also available.

Powered by an ultra-light, palm-sized wireless receiver, this stylish device picks up our network and securely connects devices like your smartphone, laptop, tablet computer and gaming console to Real Mobile Broadband.

Step 1

Choose from the suite of devices that are designed for you.

Device type Price (AED) Included memory capacity Key features  


AED 499  4GB
  • High speeds of up to 100 Mbps

  Buy now

 AED 149 4GB
  • High speed data connectivity using our state-of-the-art HSPA+ network
  • Manage your contacts, send and receive SMSes from your laptop
  • Pay online or recharge and check balance of your Pay As You Go® data line
  • Included memory to store your data, giving you 2-in-1 convenience

  Buy now

AED 199  4GB
  • Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time wirelessly.
  • Click here to learn more.

  Buy now

Mobile WiFi 21Mbps
 AED 399 4GB
  • Enjoy an internet experience on the go
  • Manage your contacts, send and receive SMSes
  • Contact multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time
  • High speeds of up to 100 Mbps
 Buy now
Mobile WiFi 100Mbps
AED 599 8GB 
  • Enjoy an internet experience on the go
  • Manage your contacts, send and receive SMSes
  • Contact multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time
  • High speeds of up to 100 Mbps
 Buy now

Note: Internet Keys support the following Mac OS versions: 10.5, 10.6. We are currently working on updating our Internet Key software to make it compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.

Step 2

Choose your data line:

Data line Activation fee Subscription fee  
 Monthly Data
 AED 55
AED 5* (monthly) Buy now
 Pay As You Go® Data
 AED 55
AED 55** (annually-charged after the first year) Buy now

*Waived upon subscription of a data bundle.

**Waived with minimum AED 10 of usage within a year. 

Step 3

Choose a data package that works for you from our data packages.

Recharging your Pay as You Go® data line with a WoW recharge card

Recharge in three easy steps with Easy Pay:

  1. Visit while connected via your data SIM 
  2. Choose the data bundle ('More Recharge' option) that best suits your internet needs
  3. Enter your WoW recharge card number 

You have now activated your new data bundle for 30 days (you should use up your data bundle before 30 days)

Buy it today!

Visit any of our shops across the UAE or You can also order it on our online shop.


Mobile Broadband FAQs

Mobile Broadband

1. How can I find out if there is Mobile Broadband coverage in my area?
View our network coverage maps to find out if your area is within our network coverage.

2. Can I use my mobile broadband connection abroad?
Yes, to know about our international roaming rates and coverage, view our roaming charges.

Note that the roaming cost will vary depending on the country you're travelling to, your plan and the overseas operator you’ll be roaming with.

3. Can I use Mobile Broadband without having to plug in an Internet Key or use a Mobile Wi-Fi device?
Yes, you can connect using a laptop with a built-in mobile broadband. A SIM slot should be available for you to insert your SIM. Please refer to your laptop’s user manual.

4. Can I use my existing mobile SIM for Mobile Broadband?
Yes, as long as you are subscribed to data bundles and have a mobile broadband-enabled device.

Data SIM

1. What are data SIMs?
Data SIM cards are cost effective SIM cards for Internet Keys, Mobile Wi-Fi or compatible laptops (laptops that support SIM cards). You simply need to insert your data SIM card into your data device and get connected. Data SIM cards can be used by anyone who wishes to connect to the internet while on the go.

2. How can I activate my data SIM?
The activation process is similar to any other mobile line activation.

3. Can the data SIM ownership be changed?
Yes, just as per the existing process for normal SIM cards.

4. What are the services excluded on my data SIM?
BlackBerry® services and value added services like Voice mail and Ring Back Tone (RBT) are all excluded from your data SIM package.

5. Can roaming be activated on my data SIM card? If yes, is there any deposit required to activate data roaming on my data SIM?
Yes, roaming services are offered on data SIMs and a roaming deposit is required.

Data Bundles

1. I’d like to migrate to a different data bundle. Is that possible?
Yes, it’s possible. For migrating/downgrading/upgrading from your current data bundle, you can either visit or any of our shops. Note that the bundle charge will be prorated.

2. I have data units left from my current month usage. Is it possible to carry it forward to the next bill cycle?

It's not possible to carry remaining credit to the next bill cycle for Monthly Data Line. Any unconsumed data units cannot be transferred to your next bill cycle.

For Pay As You Go®, your 'More Data' credit has a designated validity period. This validity can only be extended if you recharge again before the previous one expires. The balance units from your previous 'More Data' recharge will be extended to the validity of your new 'More Data' recharge.

3. What if I exceed the monthly volume of my data bundle?
For Monthly Data Line (postpaid), out of bundle charges or pay-per-use charges will apply.

For Pay As You Go® (prepaid), you cannot exceed your 'More Data' option as a prepaid user. You need to buy a new 'More Data' denomination.

Speed and coverage

1. Is Mobile Broadband available everywhere?
Mobile Broadband is available in most areas. Check your area coverage here.

Your actual speed and coverage will depend upon, but is not limited to:

  • The availability of Mobile Broadband coverage
  • Your distance from the nearest network tower
  • Whether you are indoor or outdoor
  • Number of other users connected around you
  • The device you are using to get connected


Data devices

1. Can I do 'More Time' recharge for SMS/MMS usage?
Yes, the recharge done using 'More Time' can only be used for SMS/ MMS. The balance of AED 55 will be used to renew you data line, only if you have 0 usage in the last 12 months. However for browsing, 'More Data' recharge is mandatory.

2. Can I upgrade or downgrade during my bill cycle?
Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade once per billing cycle.

3. Where can I buy the data devices and Data Line?
You can buy them at any of our shops or at our authorised partners.
Note that they are available with a minimum of 1 GB data bundle and above.

4. Is there any warranty that comes with the data devices?

Yes. The device comes with a standard manufacturer warranty.

5. Can I ask for refund and return of the device?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refund and return of devices. However, we do replace it only if there is a manufacturing defect while it’s still under warranty.

Internet Key

1. Can I use my Internet Key with a SIM card from another mobile operator?
Yes, but you’ll not enjoy our specific preferential benefits (rates).

2. Can I use my Internet Key abroad?
Yes your Internet Key can be used abroad. However, your price plan and the visiting country will determine the charges for data usage abroad. To know more about the charges, click here.

3. Is the Internet Key compatible with Apple Mac computers?
Yes it is compatible with Apple Mac computers. You’ll need the following:
• Mac OSX Panther 10.3.9 operating system or higher
• A standard USB port
• At least 50 MB free disk space and 128 MB RAM

4. Is the Internet Key compatible with a Windows laptop?

Yes it is compatible with Windows. You’ll need the following:
• Windows 7, Vista or XP
• A standard USB port
• At least 100 MB free disk space and 128 MB RAM

5. What happens if someone else uses my Mobile Broadband Internet Key on a different laptop?

The Internet Key will work in the same way. The software will automatically install on Windows or Mac computer when it is plugged in.

Note that usage will be charged on your bill or it will be charged against your More Data balance if it's a Pay As You Go® data SIM.

6. How can I setup my Internet Key?
The first time you plug the modem stick into the USB port of your laptop the software will be installed, once installed you can connect to the web. The next time you plug in your internet key, you can directly get connected to the internet.

7. Can I see how much data I’ve used with my Internet Key?
To help you monitor data usage, our Mobile Broadband dashboard which is a part of your Internet Key software gives an indication of the data you've used. You can also visit Selfcare to see your remaining data allowance.


Mobile Wi-Fi

1. What is Mobile Wi-Fi?
Mobile Wi-Fi sends out a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect to the internet without the need for wires. Mobile Wi-Fi can link multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices at any one time, such as your laptop, iPod touch, iPad, Nintendo DSi, and more through any of the data plans/lines.

Mobile Wi-Fi is also commonly known as Mobile Router or Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi hotspot, Mobile Hotspot.

2. What is the speed of the Real Mobile Broadband© Mobile Wi-Fi?
The speed of the device reaches up to 7.2 Mbps. However, with increased users and high data downloading (i.e. streaming music) the speed may be slower.

3. How many devices can I connect to my Mobile Wi-Fi?
You can connect up to five devices. With increased users or heavy data download (i.e. streaming music) the speed may be slower.

4. Can anyone use my connection?
Your connection is password protected and cannot be accessed by someone else unless shared.

5. Why does my Mobile Wi-Fi get hot when I use it for long periods of time?
This is normal. The modem has a built in temperature protection function which enables it to switch off when its temperature becomes too hot.

6. What do I do if I forget my Wi-Fi key or dashboard login password?
Your Mobile Wi-Fi unique password codes can be found on a sticker in the back cover of the modem. If you’ve changed your Wi-Fi password or your dashboard login, you can reset them to their default settings by pressing the ‘Reset’ button for 5 seconds.

7. Where is the ‘Reset’ button?
When you remove the back cover of the Mobile Wi-Fi, on the side you’ll find the ‘Reset’ button which you need to press with a very thin pointed object.

8. What is a Mobile Wi-Fi default password?
It is a password protected with unique codes to protect your Wi-Fi connection from other users. The unique codes are called SSID (Mobile Wi-Fi name) and Wi-Fi Key (unique password).

You can change either the SSID or the Wi-Fi Key via ‘Change your settings’. If you do change them, you must make a note of the new password as the old one won’t be valid anymore, unless you reset the Mobile Wi-Fi.

9. How can I access the dashboard from my PC or Mac?
You’ll need to connect to your Mobile Wi-Fi through your computer or laptop, to access and use the dashboard. Using the dashboard is free and won’t use up any of your data allowance. To access the dashboard on PC or Mac:

  • Plug in your Mobile Wi-Fi then go to http://du.home from your browser (PC or MAC)
  • The first time you connect your du Mobile Wi-Fi using the USB cable, the Mobile Wi-Fi will create a desktop shortcut to the dashboard. Double click on this icon to open your browser and go straight to the dashboard.(PC)

10. How long does it take to charge the battery?
The battery, when charging with the main charger it takes a maximum of 3 hours when not in use, and up to 4 hours when in use. When charging from a PC via a USB cable the charge time is up to 4 hours when not in use and up to 8 hours when in use.

11. How long does the battery last?

The Wi-Fi modem can work for around 4 and half hours when powered by the battery and when in continuous use.

  • The internet key offer is a bundled package consisting of an internet key and a mobile broadband package (“Offer”). The Offer provides to a du post paid or prepaid customer (“Customer” or “you”) fast mobile broadband carrier technology such as 4G and mobile network speeds up to 42 Mbps and will be available to Customers from May 2012.
  • There are three types of monthly data bundles available to a Customer, each with a different fee.   The price of the internet key will depend on its speed.
  • The Offer entitles a Customer to:
  1. whilst stocks last, purchase an internet key  and 
  2. choice of data bundle worth 25GB at a monthly fee or 
  3. standalone bundle of 25GB
  • During the warranty period, du will replace an internet key for manufacturing defects whilst no refunds are available for any manufacturing defects. The standard manufacturer warranty shall apply to the internet key and you must refer to du’s Frequently Asked Questions on the website, for information relating to the use of the internet key and applicable warranty.
  • Mobile broadband rates are applicable for use within the UAE only and a Customer will be charged for exceeding any subscribed data bundle on postpaid data line cap as per du standard pay per use rates, as available on the website, Customers should familiarize themselves with these rates are you are fully responsible for all charges incurred on the internet key.    
  • If you have an existing internet key and subscribe to a du mobile broadband package, you can trade-in your old internet key and upgrade to the new du internet key, with a 50% discount on the price of the new du internet key.  To avail of this offer, you must provide the old internet key to du.   du will accept old internet keys that have a SIM slot, no physical damage irrespective of the brand or country of origin. 
  • The speed and coverage of your connection using your internet eey with du mobile broadband will depend on, but is not limited to:
  • Customers are advised to disconnect the internet key from the USB port after browsing the internet in order to ensure that the units of data included in your mobile broadband package are not consumed while the internet key is left in an inactive mode.
  • The General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services and Data Services apply to all Customers.
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