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du App

du App

The smart way to stay up to date.

Download our du App for free on your iPhone or android phone.

We'll keep you updated on our du Live! events, latest offers, handset and more. You will also be able to use our instant nearest store locator.

And now with our updated version, you will have easy access to pay your bill online as well as a new way to contact us for support when you need to.


  • Online bill payment
  • du Live! event updates
  • New offers and promotions
  • Deals on product and services
  • Nearest store location finder
  • Quick Pay location finder
  • Report areas with bad service
  • Tweet to us on @dutweets
  • Connect with us on Facebook
  • English and Arabic support
  • New handset information
  • Roaming partners and charges
  • Home services packages information
  • Customer care information
Available for iOS and Android mobile devices.


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