Win big now or save the best for last.

What’s life without a little excitement? Choose 'Play' to win exciting surprises instantly or 'Save' to collect points and redeem them later for a prize of your choice. 'Play' or 'Save' with Surprises for free every time you recharge your Pay As You Go® line.

Play and win instantly

SMS 'Play' to 1232 or dial *123# after every recharge. The higher the recharge amount, the bigger your surprise! Discover some of the Play prizes you could win.
Save points and redeem prizes

Get 10 points for every AED 1 you spend on recharges. Just SMS 'Save' to 1232 or dial *123# after every recharge. Discover some of the Save prizes you can get.

How to subscribe

To subscribe for free, SMS 'Surprises' to 1232, call us on 135, or dial *123*3# and follow the instructions.

Q1. What are the kind of prizes on offer?
There are 3 categories of prizes on offer:
• Telecommunication – This refers to all telecommunication prizes that can be used on your mobile (e.g. free calling minutes, free SMS, etc.)
• Vouchers – This refers to discount coupons and deals available across various stores in the UAE (e.g. AED 200 off at Eyezone)
• Lifestyle – A wide variety of prizes ranging from Cinema tickets, mobile phones to latest TV’s

Q2. How will I know that I am part of ‘Surprises’?
You’ll receive an SMS confirming your participation into ‘Surprises’.

Q3. When do I start playing?
It takes up to an hour from the time of recharge for your chance to "PLAY" or "SAVE". This chance is valid for 14 days from the day you recharge.

Q4. What is the minimum amount I’m required to recharge my line with, for getting a chance to Play or Save?

You are required to recharge your line with a minimum of AED 20 to get a chance to Play or Save.

Q5. ‘Surprises’ is available to customers of which plans?
It’s available for all Pay As You Go® and Visitor Mobile Line customers and Business Pay As You Go® customers.

Q6. How long is the ‘Surprises’ valid for?
It’ll be on, until further notified.

Q7. Are there any language options for me?

‘Surprises’ is available in Arabic and English when participated via SMS to 1232 or by dialing *123#. You will also have a choice of Hindi, in addition to Arabic and English on our IVR (call 135).

To change your language settings, call 155. However, this will change the language of all communication which you receive from our end.

Q8. Once I’m a part of ‘Surprises’, does this stop me from getting other benefits?

Not at all! You can still get all the benefits you’re entitled to with the WoW recharge options, like the bonuses on every recharge. The chance to PLAY or SAVE is an addition to these regular benefits.

Q9. How do I opt-out of ‘Surprises’?
You can choose one of the following:
• SMS ‘Opt out’ to 1232
• Call 135
• Dialing *123# and following the instructions

You’ll receive an SMS, confirming the same.

Q10. I received a lot of SMS for this promotion. Do I pay for those?
As long as you are in the UAE, texts to and from ‘Surprises’ are free.

Q11. How do I ‘Play’?
With every recharge, you’ll receive a chance to PLAY or SAVE. For a chance to win a prize instantly, SMS PLAY to 1232, call the IVR on 135 or just dial *123#

Q12. What happens if I choose not to Play/Save with my chances?
If you forget or choose not to use your chances, you’ll receive reminders from du. Even after the reminders if you do not utilise these chances they’ll expire. Remember you have 14 days from the day you recharged your line to win an instant reward or Save points.

Q13. How do I ‘Save’ my points?
You can ‘Save’ points which can be used to redeem for a prize later: SMS SAVE to 1232, call the IVR on 135 or just dial *123# and follow instructions (remember your chance expires in 14 days).

Q14. How can I use/redeem my saved points?

There’s a big choice of prizes and they get better and better with more points you save. To use/redeem your saved points call 135 and follow the instructions or visit

After sending your redemption request, you will receive an SMS confirmation.

Q15. How will I be informed about the points I have saved?
You’ll automatically receive an SMS every time you save points, along with an update of the total points earned and available.

Q16. How do I check on my saved points?
You can check your total saved points balance by:
• Sending SMS “Balance” to 1232
• Call 135 and follow instructions
• Dial *123# and follow instructions

Q17. Is there a time limit on spending my saved points?
Your saved points will expire one year from the day you first got them.

Q18. Can I transfer my saved points to a different mobile number?
Unfortunately, your points are linked to the phone number you recharged.

Q19. I’m going to change from Pay As You Go® to a monthly plan. What will happen to my points?
It’s time to get spending! You’ll need to use all your points up by choosing to ‘Play’ or ‘Save’, or else you’ll lose them when they expire.

Q20. What is the procedure to collect my prize?
• For a telecom prize, you’ll receive an SMS confirming your prize along with its validity period. The prize will be credited to your line within 24 hours
• For a voucher prize, you’ll receive an SMS with a unique voucher code informing you about the store and its validity period
• For a lifestyle prize, you’ll receive a call from our logistics partner in 2 days’ time, giving you complete information about the delivery of the prize. It usually takes a week for these prizes to be delivered

Q21. I don’t think I’ll be in when the prize is due to arrive. What do I do?
Our logistics partner will contact your mobile number to arrange the most suitable time for delivery.

Q22. Can I have my prizes delivered overseas?

Unfortunately we don’t deliver overseas, you’ll need to provide your local UAE address.

Q23. Can somebody else collect the prize for me?
Unfortunately, the prizes must be collected by the winner, who must show the relevant documentation and proof of winning. Upon delivery the following may be required:
• Unique reference (sent via confirmation text)
• ID matching the registered name
The winner must collect the prize within 14 days of notification.

Q24. What happens to any unused Telecom prizes (minutes etc)?
The validity period of any telecommunication prize will be clearly specified. Any free credit (minutes, SMS, etc.) that isn’t used within this period will be lost.

Q25. Can a winner of a prize stand a chance to win again?
Yes with every recharge, you have a chance at winning.

Q26. Can I change my prize?

We obviously want you to be happy with your prize; however once you choose and confirm to ‘Play’ you’ll not be able to change this.

Similarly, when you choose to redeem a prize, once you select and confirm your choice, we would not be able to change this. Please ensure you’re a 100% sure before choosing either to Play or Save and redeem.

Q27. Can I give my prize to a friend or someone from my family?
This isn’t possible when you’ve won a Telecom or Voucher prize. However, if you’ve won a Lifestyle prize, once you’ve claimed and received it, then it’s up to you.

Q28. Does a prize have a validity period?

Every prize is different, so you’ll have to check the prize details. It should be easy to find any important dates in the description.

Q29. I have a few balances from More International, More Credit, More Time. In which order will the balances be utilised?
Balances will be utilised in the following order for international usage:
o Smart National Bundle
o More Credit
o More Time
o Promotional Cash
o Promotional
o FreeTime
o General Cash

For any national usage, following will be the order in which the balances will be consumed.
o Smart National Bundle
o More Credit
o More Time
o Promotional Cash
o Promotional
o FreeTime
o General Cash

Q30. I am not a subscriber of du, can I participate?
Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber of du.