Enlighten your mobile

Choose, copy and gift Caller Tunes.

Choose from a great selection of Arabic, Bollywood and International hits and assign them as your Caller Tunes. You can also copy any Caller Tune that you hear when you call any of our subscriber, or even gift a Caller Tune to another subscriber on our network.

It's easy to activate, purchase and gifting Caller Tunes. Just call 156 from your mobile line.

You can manage Caller Tunes in easy ways:

Activating Caller Tunes
  • Call 156 from your du mobile
  • Or SMS ‘CTA’ to 1560 from your du mobile
Purchasing a Caller Tune
  • Call 156 from your du mobile
Gifting a Caller Tune to a friend
  • Call 156 from your du mobile


  • You can only gift a Caller Tune to a du subscriber
  • Charges of AED 5 per tune apply when gifting to an existing Caller Tune subscriber
  • Charges of AED 5 for the Caller Tune and AED 5 for the first month subscription of Caller Tunes when gifting to a non Caller Tune subscriber
Copying a Caller Tune
  • Press the * key while you are listening to the Caller Tune of the person you have called
  • SMS 'CT COPY [055-mobile number]' of the person whose tune you wish to copy to 1560


  • You can only copy a Caller Tune from any of our subscribers
  • Charges of AED 5 per tune apply (if you are an existing Caller Tune subscriber)
  • Charges of AED 5 for the Caller Tune and AED 5 per month for monthly subscription of Caller Tunes service (If you are a non Caller Tune subscriber)

Charges applicable for Caller Tunes:

  • Caller Tunes service subscription charges: AED 5 per month
  • Caller Tunes purchase: AED 5 per tune
  • Calls to 156 are charged at normal call rate of 0.5 fils per second
  • SMS to 1560 at 18 fils per SMS

1. The Caller Tunes Service is a subscription-based service only. The Caller Tunes Service is open to all existing consumer and business customers.
2. The charges for activating this Service, browsing the music catalogue and purchasing Caller Tunes is provided on our website www.du.ae. The charges will be included in your bill for monthly plan customers, and deducted from your credit if you are a Pay as you Go customer.
3. If you are a Pay as you Go customer and on the day of charging you do not have enough credit to pay your monthly charge then we will continue to try and renew your subscription on a daily basis for a period of 15 days (Grace Period). During this Grace Period callers will still be able to hear your Caller Tunes. At the end of this Grace Period your Caller Tunes will be kept for an additional 30 days but your callers will not be able to hear them. During this 30 day period you can still re-activate your subscription.
4. If you decide to deactivate the Caller Tunes service, or if you have already exceeded your 30 day suspension period, your Caller Tunes will no longer be available if you choose to re-activate the service at a later stage.
5. The Caller Tunes you purchase are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
6. There are various ways that Caller Tunes can be purchased. Please refer to the brochure or our website. You can listen to Caller Tunes for free before buying them. You can buy a Caller Tune even if you are not a subscriber. Once you buy the Caller Tune you will automatically become a subscriber. You will notified of all charges before you buy the Caller Tune.
7. You can gift a Caller Tune or the subscription of the Caller Tune Service to a friend if they are a du mobile customer. Your friend can choose to accept or decline the gift. If they accept the gift then you will be charged for the first month of their subscription if they are not already a Caller Tune subscriber.. See the brochure or our website www.du.ae for details of how to do this.
8. You can copy a Caller Tune from a friend if they are a du mobile customer with Caller Tunes activated. See the Caller Tunes brochure or our website www.du.ae for details of how to do this.
9. du may at its discretion invite customers to a “Try & Buy” offer whereby the Caller Tunes Service would be offered for a pre-determined duration without the customer incurring monthly recurring charges. If you are invited for such an activity, you may be given the option of continuing with the Caller Tunes Service at the end of the offer period, after which you would be charged normal monthly subscription charges. Tunes purchased during the “Try & Buy” offer period will be charged at normal rates.
10. The General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions for Mobile Services apply to all customers and shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency between those terms and the terms of this Offer.