Transfer credit to a friend anytime from your More Time balance.

Our One2One service lets all Pay As You Go® and Visitor Mobile line customers send credit to friends and family who also have a Pay As You Go® or Visitor Mobile line. This service is ready to use on all our prepaid lines, and it’s easy to transfer credit, anytime, anywhere.

Starting from April 7, 2014, a transaction fee will be applied which is 5% of the transferred amount

How to transfer credit

Dial *121*055[prepaid mobile number]*[transfer amount]#

For example, if you want to transfer AED 30 to mobile number 055 1234 567, you'll dial *121*0551234567*30#.

We’ll ask you to confirm the mobile number and the amount via SMS, and the amount to be transferred from your More Time balance.

AED 30 will be added to the receiver’s More Time balance, and AED 1.5 will be deducted from your More Time balance (5% transaction fee).

  • You can only transfer credit from your More Time balance.
  • A 5% transaction fee of the transferred amount will be deducted from your More Time balance.
  • The receiver will always get the transferred credit to More Time balance and it will be valid for life.
  • Minimum amount for credit transfer is AED 2 and maximum amount is AED 200.
  • You can transfer credit in multiples of AED 1 (example: AED 5, AED 6, AED 8, AED 12, AED 18, etc.).
  • You can transfer credit to up to 25 friends per day.