Number Privilege Plan

Number Privilege Plan

Choose your exclusive mobile number starting from AED100.

Get your exclusive mobile number with our Number Privilege Plan. All you have to do is sign up for one of our monthly plans and commit to the below minimum monthly usage: 

  • A Gold number - AED 750 monthly usage commitment
  • A Silver number - AED 500 monthly usage commitment
  • A Bronze number - AED 250 monthly usage commitment
  • A Special number - AED 100 monthly usage commitment

Our Number Privilege Plan is based on a 12 month contract and if you decide to cancel the contract early, foreclosure fees will apply. During the contract period, if you wish to migrate to any plan lower than your minimum monthly usage for the special number, the minimum usage amount will still apply for the remaining period of the contract.

To subscribe, visit any of our stores or authorised dealers across the UAE.