Internet key 

Enjoy an internet experience on the go.

Choose from our Real Mobile Broadband Internet Keys to suit your connectivity needs and budget. Real Mobile Broadband is supported by our HSPA+ data network, and it lets you:

  • Enjoy high speed data connectivity using our state-of-the-art mobile network
  • Manage your contacts as you send and receive SMSes from your laptop
  • Recharge, pay online and check the balance of your Pay As You Go® data line
  • Each Internet Key comes with included memory for your data storage

Pay As You Go Data line customers will need to purchase a new bundle with WoW 'More Data' recharge option once your data bundle is consumed.

Step 1

Choose from the suite of devices that are designed for you.

Device type Price (AED) Included memory capacity Key features
4G - LTE


AED 499  4GB
  • High speeds of up to 100 Mbps
Internet key 21.6 Mbps

 AED 399 4GB
  • High speed data connectivity using our state-of-the-art HSPA+ network
  • Manage your contacts, send and receive SMSes from your laptop
  • Pay online or recharge and check balance of your Pay As You Go® data line
  • Included memory to store your data, giving you 2-in-1 convenience
Mobile Wi-Fi 7.2 Mbps

AED 399  4GB
  •  Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time.
  • Click here to learn more.

Note: Real Mobile Internet Keys support the following Mac OS versions: 10.5, 10.6. We are currently working on updating our Internet Key software to make it compatible with the recently launched Mac OS X Lion 10.7.

Step 2

Choose your Data line:

Data line Activation fee Subscription fee
 Monthly Data
 AED 55
 AED 5* (monthly)
 Pay As You Go® Data
 AED 55
 AED 55** (anually-charged after the first year)

*Waived upon subscription of a data bundle.

**Waived with minimum AED 10 of usage within a year.


Step 3

Choose a bundle that works for you.

Type of use Bundle Name Bundle allowance
(per month)
Bundle price
(per month)
Type of device
Ultra light Data 40 MB 40 MB AED 20 Normal handset
Light Data 100 MB 100 MB AED 50 Normal handset
Medium Data 1 GB 1 GB AED 100 Smartphone, Tablet
Heavy Data 4 GB 4 GB AED 200 Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop
(Internet key)

- Included data is for use within UAE only. Applicable data roaming rates apply for use outside the UAE.
- Excess usage within the UAE beyond bundle will be charged at 0.25 fils per KB for Elite / Monthly plan / Monthly data line customers and 1 fils per KB for Pay As You Go customers.
- Standard SMS rates apply.

Recharging your Pay as You Go® data line

Recharge in 5 easy steps with easy pay:

  1. Visit using your Real Mobile Broadband connection
  2. Choose the data bundle (More Data recharge that best suits your browsing needs)
  3. Enter your WoW recharge card number
  4. You are now online for 30 days or less (if you use up your data bundle before 30 days)
  5. You will need to be connected on Real Mobile Broadband network with your du SIM card in order to visit easy pay at

Buy your Data bundle from your More Time balance

You can now get a Data bundle from your “More Time” balance on your Pay As You Go® data SIM simply by sending a free SMS, click here for more information.

Step 4

Buy today

Visit any of our shops across the UAE.

All our Internet keys sold online, are only available with a Pay As You Go® data line except for the 4G LTE Internet key which is available only with a monthly data plan.