Samsung Galaxy SIII

Enjoy free data, zero interest installments, and more.


Samsung S3 with du
  • Android OS, v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Quad-core 1.4GHz processor
  • 8 megapixels Camera
  • Micro SIM card support
  • S Voice: It enables the phone to respond to your commands such as, ‘answer calls’ or ‘take pictures’
  • Smart Stay: A sensor which maintains a bright display as long as you’re using/looking at the phone
  • S Beam: Place two Samsung Galaxy S III’s back to back and you can transfer pictures, music, videos and more
  • Pop up display: It lets you do two things at once – watch HD videos as email or text
  • Burst shot: It gives you a choice of 20 consecutive takes


Easy Payment Plan

Get the Samsung Galaxy S3 with monthly data for a year from just AED 210 / month (with zero interest fees) and save more. Check the table below to see how much you will save:

Samsung Galaxy S3
16 GB
Smartphone regular price with data for 12 months (before discount)
Smartphone price + data for 12 months (after discount)
Total savings over 12 months
Monthly installment (to bank)
Price with 1 GB/ month
AED 3099
AED 2520
You save
AED 579
AED 210 / month for 12 months

- This offer is only available in our shops.
- Participating banks: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Dubai Bank, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, Mashreq Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

How it works: 1-Pay the full amount of the handset and the discounted data plan for contract period using your credit card issued from one of the participating banks above at our shop. 2- Call your bank within two to three working days and ask them to convert the payment to our Easy Payment Plan installments with 0% interest. 3- Choose to pay back the amount over 12 month installments without any interest fees.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the details of this offer?
With every Samsung Galaxy S III which you buy from our store or an authorised dealer you'll enjoy a free data of 1 GB for a minimum spend of AED 250 per month. This offer is applicable on your new as well as existing plans (Elite Super Plans, Emirati Plan, Elite Regular Plan).

2.What is the monthly fee for this offer?
The monthly fee varies as per the plan you’re subscribed to:

For Elite Plan users:
All along your subscription, you’ll continue paying the monthly fee of AED 25 for your Elite Plan and AED 100/250/500/750 depending upon your Elite Super Plans. Over and above this you need to pay AED 250 for the 1 GB Data Bundle.

3. How can I get my Samsung Galaxy S III?

For existing mobile customers:
You have to visit any of our stores or an authorised dealer to buy the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can then get the bundle activated on your existing line.

For new mobile customers:
You need to visit any of our stores or an authorised dealer to buy a mobile line along with your Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone.

For Elite Plans customer migrating to an Elite Plan, you’ll need to provide the following documents:
•    Passport or Emirates ID (UAE Nationals)
•    Passport with valid residency visa or National ID (Expatriates)

And one of the following:
•    A valid credit card issued by UAE institutions
•    Last month's utility bill with physical address
•    Tenancy/ownership contract
•    Salary certificate/ letter from employer showing a salary of minimum AED 2,500

To subscribe to Elite Super 750, both UAE national and expatriates should provide a valid Platinum credit card issued by any UAE institutions.

4. Can I use my Samsung Galaxy S III with a mobile line other than du?
Yes you can, however, you won’t get the benefits offered by us.

5.Is this a limited period offer?
Yes this is a limited period offer.

6.What is the validity period for the 1GB free data which I receive every month?
It has a validity of 1 month (1 bill cycle for Elite). In case you don’t use this data then it will expire. For every month you get a new bundle of 1GB data.

7. What happens if I want to deactivate my Elite and Samsung Galaxy S III bundle?
For this bundle deactivation can be done at any point of time. However, you’ll not enjoy the free data of 1 GB and standard data usage will apply in that case. We recommend you to purchase a new data bundle as per your need.

8. What if I want to upgrade/downgrade my Data bundle?
You can always upgrade to any of our Data Bundle

In the case of a downgrade, you’ll have to deactivate this bundle and activate a new data package. We recommend you to stay with the 1GB data bundle for 12 months to be able to fully benefit from the 1GB data bundle.

9. What about the data package that I get with my Elite Plan automatically?
You’ll continue enjoying the data included in your Elite Plan. The data consumed will first be deducted from the Elite Plan and then from your 1 GB allowance.

10.I have bought my Samsung Galaxy S III from another dealer and would like to enroll in to this offer. How do I do that?
Your enrollment is possible only if your Samsung Galaxy S III has been bought from an official Samsung retailer in the UAE. Visit our nearest store along with your Samsung Galaxy S III (including it’s packaging). Our staff will then check your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number for it’s eligibility.

After the end of the offer, 12 months period, customer will be charged the full price for the data bundle that the customer was on during the offer period. Customer has the option to change the Data Bundle on-line, calling 135 or visiting any our shop. Data bundle change will be done at the next bill cycle. Please click here to check the Data Bundle rates