Music Select

Create your music playlist and enjoy it on the move.

It’s not radio. It’s not downloads. It’s the latest Arabic, Western, and Bollywood music playing on our Music Select channels. Create your own playlists to listen to when you want, and wherever you are.

If you don’t like a song use the ‘skip’ function by pressing # key, and go to the next song on the channel. So forget about advertisement breaks or waiting for downloads. Music is now yours to choose and enjoy.

How to activate

Call 156 and press 5 from your mobile, and enjoy music the way you want to.


A monthly subscription fee of AED 2/month applies and usage charge of 30 fils/minute.

Music Channels

Channel 10 to 19 Arabic

10. Arabic New Releases

11. Arabic Top Songs

12. Arabic Love Songs

13. Emarati

14. Khaleeji

15. Arabic Pop

Channel 20 to 29 Islamic

20. Anasheed

21. Duaa

22. Chants

Channel 30 to 39 Western

30. Western New Releases

31. Western Top Songs

32. Western Pop

33. Western Love Songs

34. Western Rock

35. Western Hip Hop

36. Western Classic

Channel 40 to 49 Bollywood

40. Bollywood New Releases

41. Bollywood Top Songs

42. Bollywood All Time Favourites

43. Bollywood Classics

44. Bollywood Pop

45. Khan’s Hits

46. Bollywood Divas

Channel 50 to 59 Malayalam

50. Malayalam New Releases

51. Malayalam Top Songs

52. Malayalam Classics

Channel 60 to 69 Tamil

60. Tamil New Releases

61. Tamil Hits

Channel 70 to 79 Filipino

70. Filipino Hits

71. Filipino Top Songs

72. Filipino All Time Favourites

Channel 80 to 87 Bangla

80. Bangla New Releases

81. Bangla Top Songs

Utility Channels

88. Main Menu

97. Language Setting

99. My List

100. Help