The world of business communication is complicated. That’s why we’ve created products and services that bring you simpler communications, efficient methods to manage your information as well as easier ways of finding entertainment.

Change now. 050 and 056 mobile numbers are welcome on our network.
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Special Offers

Designed to take your business further

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Leadership series

  • CEO Forum

    CEO Forum

    An initiative dedicated to opening doors through a series of exclusive forums for the UAE’s top business leaders.

  • Customer Advisory Board

    Customer Advisory Board

    It brings together a select group of industry captains from leading enterprises, on a quarterly basis.

  • Executive Insights

    Executive Insights

    Newsletter covering global, regional and local trends and key technological impacts on business.

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  • Business ISDN 2

    Business ISDN 2

    ISDN-2 Basic Rate Interface gives you digital voice and data service with up to 8 lines...

  • Business ISDN 30

    Business ISDN 30

    ISDN-30 Primary Rate Interface gives you digital voice and data service of larger capacity up to 30 channels...

  •  Business Fixed Voice Tariff

    Business Fixed Voice Tariff

    Choose your Business Voice service and see the full tariff guide including tariffs for additional value added services...

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