On Demand Club

On Demand Club

The best entertainment is now at your command with On Demand Club on du TV

On Demand Club offers 100's of Hollywood and Arabic TV shows, the latest music videos, kids entertainment, TV lifestyle documentaries and classic Hollywood and Arabic movies.

You can browse all titles on your TV. Press the VOD button on your du remote control, and choose On Demand Club.

  • TV choice club - Your favourite TV shows are available for you to enjoy any time. Enjoy a premium selection of popular Hollywood and Arabic TV series.
  • Movie club - With all time classics and movies in DVD quality, Movies club is your very own movie collection!
  • Kids club - Your kids will love these popular children's TV series and fun movies selected for them to enjoy any time.
  • Music club - Groove to the latest music video hits from the biggest and best artists.

New customers: 

On Demand Club is now included with every new Talk, Surf and Watch package and du TV+ subscription. You just have to press the VOD button, choose On Demand Club and enjoy.


Existing customers:

If you are already subscribed to Talk, Surf and Watch and want to add On Demand Club to your package, call 04 390 5555 or fill the On Demand Club online form and we will activate it for you shortly. A monthly fee of AED 30 may apply to old subscriptions.

  • Press the VOD button on your du remote control
  • Select On Demand Club
  • Choose from our huge library with Movies Club,
    TV Choice Club, Kids Club and Music Club
  • Select any movie or programme and watch at your leisure
  • Rewind, pause and fast forward like a DVD

How can I subscribe to On Demand Club?

You can subscribe to the service by calling Customer Care on 04 390 5555 or by visiting any of our shops.

    What happens to my current subscription of Unlimited Video On Demand?

    Effective 29 July 2011 your subscription of Unlimited Video On Demand was automatically renamed to On Demand Club. To celebrate the launch of on demand club, you will not be charged between 29th July 2011 and 8th September 2011. From 9th September 2011 you will be charged AED 30 per month per subscription, instead of the previous AED 75 per month.

    What are the differences between On Demand Club and the Unlimited Video On Demand service?

    On Demand Club replaced du’s Unlimited Video On Demand service on 29th July 2011. The main difference is the price which reduces to only AED 30 per month compared to AED 75 for Unlimited Video On Demand.

    What is the difference between Movies On Demand and On Demand Club?

    Movies On Demand

    • Watch the latest release block-buster movies.
    • Rent the movie and watch it as many times as you like during the 48 hours rental period.

    On Demand Club

    • Is a monthly subscription package offering unlimited access to the library of TV series, Music, Kids and Movies. The Movies in our Club are classics rather than recent releases and  different to those in Movies On Demand .To subscribe, please call Customer Care.

    What are the different categories of content with On Demand Club?

    There are over 2000 titles across four different categories, meaning there is something for all the family. You will find:

    • Movies Club – offering the latest blockbusters from Hollywood, Bollywood and across the Arab world. Many titles are in HD and 3D TV and English and Arabic Subtitles are available on most movies.
    • TV Club – featuring the best TV series including great shows like Dexter and Desperate Housewives
    • Music Club – showing the best hits and videos from across the music-producing world
    • Kids’ Club – providing hours of entertainment for kids and the young at heart.

    As a current Unlimited Video On Demand customer, what do I need to do to enjoy the new On Demand Club service? How can I enjoy the free period just like new subscribers?

    Absolutely nothing, you will automatically move to the new On Demand Club service on 29th July 2011. Just as for new subscribers, you will automatically enjoy the free period between 29th July 2011 and 8th September 2011.

    What does it cost?

    The service is charged at AED 30 per month per decoder.

    I have two du TV decoders so can I have On Demand Club on both?

    Yes, you can take On Demand Club for as few or as many decoders as you wish. There will be a subscription payable for each decoder that you wish to watch On Demand Club.

    Can I cancel On Demand Club if I want?

    Unless On Demand Club is part of your du TV subscription (new customers after July 2011), you can cancel service at any time with no cancellation fee.

    Can I cancel On Demand Club if I subscribed to Talk, Surf & Watch from 29th July 2011?

    On Demand Club is included as part of the Talk, Surf & Watch package. If you wish to cancel your Talk, Surf & Watch subscription within the first 12 months you will incur cancellation charges of AED 100.

    Can I subscribe to Talk, Surf & Watch without On Demand Club?

    No, you cannot take Talk, Surf & Watch without On Demand Club as it comes as part of the package.