Lots of movies starting from only AED 2.

Movies On Demand

Rent the latest movies from the comfort of your home.

Convenience: Watch a movie of your choice whenever you want just by using your du TV remote control.

Choice: It’s like having you're own DVD library of the most popular Arabic, Hollywood and Bollywood movies.   Choose from blockbuster releases to all-time classics with DVD picture quality.

Control: Rewind, pause and fast-forward just like you would a DVD. You can enjoy the movie you have rented for 48 hours. Just press VOD on your remote and start watching.

Discover the latest movies showing on your screen

Find out which movies are showing now or coming soon on VOD Highlights, or you can press the VOD button on your remote control.

Movie rental tariffs

Price (AED / Movie)


Bollywood/ Arabic

Top titles (SD/HD)

15/19 12

Library titles

12 7

-Note: Rental tariff may vary with special promotions or offers. You can find out the price of your favorite movies directly from your TV.

Movies On Demand service is available with all du TV+ packages. Just press the VOD button on your du TV remote control, choose your preferred movie and start enjoying it.


The rental charges for the movies you watch will be charged on your monthly bill.

It is very simple and user friendly

  • Just switch on your du TV and press VOD button on your du remote control
  • Select a movie of your choice
  • Enter your secret 4 digit VOD PIN to confirm the rental
  • You can now watch your movie for as many times as you want within 48 hours rental duration

VOD PIN is required for authorizing the rental of a movie. VOD PIN helps you to avoid any unauthorized usage.
Please note that your default PIN is 1111 which you can change with your memorable PIN to make it more secure.

No, you can not record the movies due to copy right regulation. You can pause, rewind, fast forward or watch over again.

You can prevent your kids to watch any inappropriate movie from the list of VOD movies. Your parental control PIN will apply both for live TV and movies available on VOD.

No extra hardware or software is required to enjoy VOD. This service will be available to all du TV customers by default.

This service provides you convenience and facility to watch the latest movies as per your choice. But if you don’t rent any movie then there are no charges for this service. You can protect yourselves from any misuse by changing your VOD PIN.

Movies will be refreshed every month. Some movies will be removed and new movies will be added. New releases and blockbuster movies will be added every month.

Yes you can rent HD format movies. To enjoy the HD quality of picture, you will need the Full HD or HD Ready TV and HDMI cable connected to your TV and the TV decoder.

You can rewind, fast forward your rented movies.

You can watch your rented movies as many times as you want within the time frame of 48 hours from renting.

The movie will play till the end of 48 hours rental time frame only. But you can rent the movie again if it will be available for rental.

You can rent as many movies as you want.

You have the choice to resume it from the point of stop or restart it from any point of time.

You can search the movies of your choice by title name, actor name or director name in different categories.

Pay Per View service, broadcast movies as per fixed time schedule. Customers can watch these movies within that specific time schedule. While VOD offers you flexibility, you can watch movie of your choice any time, whenever you want.
Pay Per View service does not offer the convenience of pause, rewind and fast forward. While with VOD you can enjoy all these convenient features of pause, rewind and fast forward.
With VOD you can watch movies as many times as you want within your rental time of 48 hours.

Video On Demand service is available with any du TV package. Just press the VOD button on your du TV remote control and start watching your favourite movies.

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