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Message from Chairman

Our success is founded on the passion of our colleagues. Together, all 2,000 of us ensure that we consistently deliver value to our customers, business partners, shareholders and the community.

Our belief in a system of corporate governance that goes beyond compliance to legal necessities is based on three of our brand values: friendly, honest and confident. The system of corporate governance that we aim for is one that is nurturing, with responsible business practices and the highest standards of business integrity and accountability, to enable us to build a sustainable business.

Corporate governance for us begins with an autonomous, committed and engaged Board of Directors. They set and enforce a strict code of ethics, business practice norms and compliance standards. Together with the executive management team, the Board defines our business objectives, ensuring they are aligned with the community’s needs and the nation’s growth strategy.

I believe the morals that guide the boardroom need to be shared by all of us. When we adhere to these guidelines of corporate governance, we strengthen the bonds that unify us. We also contribute to better serving our customers, strengthening investor confidence, delivering shareholder value and benefiting ourselves in the long run.