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Broadcast Services

Our Broadcast Services bring scalable technology platforms and telecommunication solutions to the broadcast community through our world-class teleport (Samacom) and Master Control Room (MCR) facilities.

Get access to world-class professional broadcasting and internet services via satellites not only if you're operating out of Dubai, but also beyond. Our clientele include local and international broadcasters, carriers, network operators and ISPs.

We provide satellite uplink / downlink services to suit the needs of the broadcasting community. The services are complemented by a 24 X 7 operational support service. The service availability is further enhanced by full redundancy in the deployed equipment and through diverse fiber optic routes operating from customer premises to the teleport site.


Our facilities and services include:

  • State of the art teleport
  • Vertically integrated satellite service
  • Professional and highly specialised manpower
  • Independent operational infrastructure
  • Support services
  • Solution development services

Why choose our one-stop-shop service for your broadcasting and connectivity requirements?

  • Competitive rates for services
  • Operating cost savings through the use of high-standard shared facilities and infrastructure
  • A framework of customer-friendly laws and regulations
  • Strategic location of Dubai is ideal for satellite visibility for Europe, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Asia Pacific

We are also a proactive member of the local broadcast community, taking a key part in pilot projects for new services such as DVB-H and planning for digital terrestrial rollout in the UAE.

Contact us

Please contact us at or call +971 4 375 3333.

We wholly own and manage Samacom, the biggest teleport in the Middle East. Main features include:

  • Area of the site: 150,000 sq meters
  • Equipment area: 970 sq meters
  • Service block: 300 sq meters
  • Climate controlled equipment areas
  • 3-phase AC power with ring main protection
  • 1x 1 MVA, 2x500 kVA and 1x250 kVA back up generators
  • 400 + 240 kVA UPS comprising 5x80kVA + 3x80kVA units in 2:3 and 1:2 configuration respectively

The antenna farm at the teleport is extensive. We can get up-to or down-from more satellites in the region than any other Middle East teleport.

Steerable antennas dedicated for occasional services can be used for other satellites as per your requirements. The availability of the satellites provides you with near-global coverage out of Dubai.

We are set to expand our capabilities with a new teleport facility. Let us know what your future requirements are and we can create a bespoke solution for your broadcast needs.

Total control over end-to-end services, running through the teleport with proven infrastructure, provides customers with full support and back-up, remote monitoring and network management. A dedicated team of trained personnel offer 24X7 support from our Customer Care.

To meet the communication requirements and business plans of our end customers, we have a network that reaches a wide range of international locations. It can meet higher volume traffic requirements of both the world’s traditional business centre and emerging economies. This is based on delivering high quality global connectivity services to ensure that our network achieves maximum availability.

Services – Terrestrial broadcasting

Our Broadcast Services provide terrestrial television broadcasting for Dubai Media Incorporated and FM radio broadcasting for Arab Radio Network.

We have played a major role in the DVB-H planning and UAE DVB-H trial transmission and are taking part in the upcoming DVB-H commercial launch in the UAE.

Our Broadcast Services teleport facilities (Samacom, the biggest in the region) provide world-class professional broadcasting and internet/data services via satellites to customers operating not only out of Dubai but also to regional and international customers.

Dubai is an ideal location for satellite visibility covering five continents. The satellite visibility arc extends from 130 E to 342 E (18 W) and provides coverage, through various satellites, to a region extending from East Asia and Australia to Europe, Africa and to the East Coast of North America and all of South America.

Click here to view antenna list

Services - Direct-To-Home DTH

Our teleport currently operates digital SD and HD Direct-to-Home platforms on several satellites with options for capacity on many others.
Currently we actively provide Direct-To-Home platforms on the following satellites:
• Nilesat 101
• Nilesat 102
• Nilesat 103
• HArabsat 2D
• Asiasat 2
• Hotbird 9
• Atlantic Bird 2
• BADR 4
• BADR 6
Direct-To-Home services and EPG services are available on our uplink satellite portfolio. We upload single channels or transport streams (including encoding/multiplexing/encryption). We will accept Direct-To-Home from multiple sources including playout (see playout section), terrestrial SDI, turnaround etc.

Services - Uplink

Uplink services (space segment provided either by du or by client) are available across our entire uplink arc, this includes services to single channel or transport streams. It’s also available in SD/HD formats and with similar support services to Direct-To-Home services.

Services - Downlink

Specialist downlink services are available for contribution and descrambling or low signal integrity issues.

Services – Turnaround

At 55.28E longitude and 25.22N latitude, Dubai is an idea location for satellite visibility covering 5 continents. It enables us to provide near global coverage from our teleport (Samacom).
Along with standard turnaround services, we can offer additional VAS including:
• Direct turnaround
• Delayed turnaround
• Re-encoding
• Down-converted HD to SD
• Commercial insert
• Channel extraction from bouquets or transport streams
• Overlay manipulation (graphics/animation, subtitles, SMS etc)
Other individual services on request (including turnaround of streaming video).

Services – SNG

SNG parameters include:
• 1.8m antenna (Ku band)
• HD enabled
• 400W
• Redundant HPA’s & RF chain
• Trained personnel for operations
• Audio/video processing
• Available within UAE and other GCC countries upon request
• Occasional & long term rates available
• Alternative SNG specifications can be provided

Services – Flyaway

The flyaway system has features that include a 2.4 m antenna designed for dual C/Ku band operation. It also has 400 Watt dual band HPAs which ensure adequate transmission power for any satellite in the region offering occasional use space segment. This is a fully air-transportable self-sufficient kit with standard spares. Short and long term rates are available for both kit and expert personnel in the UAE and Middle East regions, including staff skilled in audio/video processing.

Services – Data over Satellite

Our satellite services enable integration of users’ communication with the help of the following:

Point to point data services – data path backup, hard to reach locations

VSAT voice/data networking – mobile connectivity solutions, maritime, emergency response, business continuity, VVIP internet access, etc.

Duplex links to mobile platforms – mobile connectivity in isolated areas

Asynchronous internet access solutions – ISP services for remote locations

  • Tape – includes all standard SD/HD formats, Betacam SP and SX, Digibeta, DVcam, DVCPRO etc.
  • Spinning disk – standard OS
  • USB Media – standard OS
  • FTP – including SFTP
  • Fibre – point to point links

Storage Short / long term and offline / online capacity available at all times


  • Commercial inserts
  • Overlay manipulation (graphics / animation, subtitles, SMS etc)
  • Channel Extraction


  • Workflow management
  • Schedule based aggregation of AV stream with graphics, EPG, SMS bar etc.
  • Broadcast to satellite & terrestrial transmission (including DVB-H)

Data centre

Available by rack, rack units and floor area. Utility, Essential and UPS power as well as Air Conditioning as specifically tailored to the local environment. Power is supplied as 220 volt single phase or three phase 50Hz with ring main protection. National and international redundant connectivity.

Services also include: storage facilities for spare parts; preventative hand and eye maintenance services; remote and local monitoring - manned 24/7, 365 days a year.

Terrestrial connectivity

Content transfer services are available with the fibre hub at our teleport (Samacom). You can feed SDI point to point over fibre with full redundant paths to and from the teleport.

File based transfers over a metropolitan area. Broadcast standard connectivity is available to all our clients.

Our international network is based on the protected FALCON cable in the gulf and International Submarine Optical Networks that gives du End-to-End access to more than 40 major cities over the world. We owns and operates the FALCON cable landing station in Dubai.


We provide SD/HD cables multi camera OB trucks for major outside broadcast events in the Middle East. Contact us for bespoke packages to suit your needs.

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