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BabNoor app

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A voice for the voiceless.

  • The region’s first Arabic tablet app for easy and effective communication.
  • BabNoor helps children with a range of disabilities including autism and Down syndrome.

About the project

To assist children with nonverbal autism and other disabilities, we are providing thousands of licenses to the revolutionary BabNoor app to autism centres across the UAE.

As part of the project, we will also train teachers and parents at these autism centres to ensure proper usage of the app while closely monitoring each child’s communication progress as a result of using BabNoor.

Based on the success of this project, we will introduce BabNoor to the Assistive Technology market so that more parents and schools can help their children through the use of this app.


About the Application

BabNoor is the first Arabic cloud-based tablet application of its kind in the region to enable easy and effective communication for children with a range of disabilities, such as autism, hearing and speech impairments, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and trauma injuries.

Developed by Flagship Projects, BabNoor has the following important features:


  • Arabic interface and vocabulary
  • Cloud-based libraries of content and picture cards
  • Localised cards and local dialects
  • Ability to create and personalise additional cards by the user
  • Constant updates based on monitored case studies

The impact so far

We have distributed the BabNoor app to more than 1,400 students with special needs across the UAE.

Close to 98% of teachers at our partner autism centres using BabNoor have said that they would recommend the app to other special needs centres and teachers to use with their students as it greatly facilitates student-teacher interaction in the classroom. From the students’ perspective, more than 75% of autistic students using BabNoor preferred to use the app as the first option for communicating their needs.

We plan to distribute the BabNoor app to 1000 more students, and will continue to measure and enhance the impact that the app is creating to improve communication skills of children with special needs in the UAE.

  • How does the BabNoor app work?

    BabNoor enables easy and effective communication using international communication standards for people with special communication needs through pre-defined cards that form sentences, while also providing children the ability to create additional personalised content and cards.

  • What languages is the BabNoor app available in?

    The BabNoor app has been specifically developed for Arabic speaking children and adults with autism and other disabilities.

  • Who can use the BabNoor app?

    BabNoor is an accessible communication app for children as well as adults with a range of disabilities, such as autism, hearing and speech impairments, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and trauma injuries.

  • Is the BabNoor app available on the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store?

    Currently, the BabNoor app has only been developed for iOS and is only available to autism centres that have partnered with us for the BabNoor project. While the app is not yet available on the Apple App Store or Android Play Store, we are working to make it available for purchase.

  • How do I download the BabNoor app?

    As mentioned above, the BabNoor app is only available to autism centres that have partnered with us for the BabNoor project. However, we will soon be launching this app in the Assistive Technology market through the Apple App Store, after which it will be publically available for download.

  • How do I partner with the BabNoor project?

    If you are an autism centre, or a training centre for children with special needs, please write to us at

For more information about BabNoor, please write to To learn more about our other corporate sustainability initiatives, please click here.