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Social BlackBerry® Service

Social BlackBerry® service

Stay in touch with your friends and colleagues the smart way.

Enjoy the easiest way to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues on Blackberry® with the BBM™ service and more. Enjoy our all-new Social BlackBerry® service for just AED 30 /month with your Premier Plan or Business Super Plan, or just AED 1.5 a day with your Pay As You Go® Plus pre-paid line. Also available with all our Business Mobile postpaid and prepaid plans.

Social Connectivity

BlackBerry® Messenger Facebook® Twitter MySpace
Yahoo! Messenger Windows Live Messenger® Google Talk™  



Plan Package Price (AED)
Premier Plan / Business Super Plans Social BlackBerry® Service* AED 30/month
Pay as you Go® Plus
Daily Social BlackBerry® Service** AED 1.5/day

*Fair use policy of 1 GB per month applies for Social BlackBerry® Service.
**Fair use policy of 100 MB per day applies for Daily Social BlackBerry® Service.


How to subscribe

Request SMS Number
To activate your Social BlackBerry® Service "bb social" 1355
To deactivate or opt-out from your Social BlackBerry® Service "Stop bb social" 1355

Important note: Both the daily and monthly plans are automatically renewed unless you decide to opt-out.

How to recharge (Pay As You Go® Plus)

Request Dial
To recharge with “More Time” *135*[card number]#
To recharge with “More Credit” *136*[card number]#

Note: Pay As You Go® Plus subscribers can only use Social BlackBerry® Service with their “More Time” or “More Credit” balances. If you don’t have enough credit in your “More Time” or “More Credit” balance, the daily fees will not be deducted and the service will not be activated until you recharge your “More Time” or “More Credit” balance.


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