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Roaming Data Bundles

Roaming Data Bundles

Worried about your data usage when you travel?

Don’t be! With our newly introduced Easy Roaming 1 Day, 1 Week or 1 Month Data Bundles, you can manage and have full control of your data spend.

Say goodbye to bill shock with our postpaid data bundles. Now, you can pay per use with a set limit or buy a new bundle. Once you’ve used your data bundle, you can subscribe to a new bundle depending on your needs or opt to continue with pay per use with the set limit.

Simply choose any of our data bundles and enjoy the freedom to check your emails, surf the web, or connect with your friends at anytime, anywhere.

Bundle Type


Easy Roaming Partners

Rest of the World (ROW)*

1 Day

AED 50

100 MB

4 MB

1 Week

AED 200

1 GB


1 Month (One Off)

AED 500

1 GB

1 Month (Recurring)

AED 400

1 GB

*Data in Lebanon, In-flight and Satellite is available on Pay per Use ONLY at AED 1/15KB

** Early termination of AED 100 applies

To subscribe to the Easy Roaming Data Bundles the customers should:


Purchase the Easy Roaming Bundles once you are abroad by visiting the data portal from your mobile device.

You will then be prompted to select any of the below options if is in preferred partner network:

  • Purchase one-off Bundles (1day/1week/1month) or 1 Month recurring bundle or 
  • Have pay per use

If you opt to purchase One-Off the bundles then you need to click on manage my data option in order to purchase the bundle.

Note: the Data Portal is accessible only from the device connected to your SIM.

Roaming Data Bundles balance can be checked from the data portal using your mobile device at


What is Easy Roaming Service?

‘Easy Roaming Service’ is new offer from du and is the first of its kind in the world where customers will enjoy Voice calling and SMS rates as good as the local rates while roaming on all the preferred networks of du. Additionally, they can also buy data roaming bundles.

Is there any contract attached with Easy Roaming Service?

There is a 3 months contract applicable ONLY for Monthly Recurring data bundle and early termination charge of AED 100 is applicable.

What is the validity of Easy Roaming service (Voice and Data)?

Easy Roaming Data:

The validity of all the One-Off Data Bundles is independent of the bill cycle and has calendar day’s validity of 1/7/30 days. Hence there will be no pro-ration of the benefits or the price for all the one-off data bundles.

For the Monthly recurring bundle, there will be pro-ration of benefits & the MRC since it’s based on the bill cycle.

Easy Roaming Voice:

30 days from the time of opting in irrespective of whether the customer opts in while in UAE or abroad. Once the validity is over the Easy roaming Service on preferred networks will cease to exist.

Can I use data while roaming, if they don’t have Roaming Data Bundles?

Yes. While roaming, “Pay per Use” will be the default option. However, to manage roaming bills effectively, Pay per Use is capped at AED500, after which, customers are required to buy a Roaming data bundle to continue with data services. Please note that Lebanon, In-flight and satellite operators are not included in the roaming data bundles, they only have pay per use option. They would receive PPU Cap notification at AED 500 but are allowed to continue even after AED 500. Please note that the PPU cap for all premier E lines is AED 10,000 per line

In which countries can I use Easy Roaming Data Bundles?

Easy Roaming Data Bundles are available with all our preferred roaming partners. For the list of partners, click here.

How can I check the balance of my Easy Roaming Data Bundle?

Postpaid users can their balance by visiting

Prepaid users can their balance by dialing *135#.

What happens if I buy multiple Easy Roaming Data Bundles on different dates, will the expiry date extend?

Yes, the validity will extend for the same bundle category. E.g. If you buy a new 1 day bundle, the existing 1 day bundle validity will be extended by 24 hours and not the 1 week and 1 month bundles.

Note: You cannot extend the validity of an Easy Roaming Data Bundle by buying another 1 day ROW bundle, as they are for different zones.

Does the validity period change or extend depending on the time zone?

No, the validity period is not dependent on the time zone and will be counted from when it was activated.

Is there any limit on the number of Easy Roaming Data Bundles I can buy per day/week/month?


  • 5 x 1 day bundles in 24 hours
  • 5 x 1 week bundles in 7 Days
  • 5 x 1 month bundles in 30 Days

How will I know that my Easy Roaming Data Bundle has expired?

The customer will receive an SMS upon the expiry of the bundle.

Can I activate an Easy Roaming Data Bundle and have PPU at the same time?

Yes, if the active bundle can’t be used with the operator where you’re roaming, then you can use PPU until you reach the PPU cap.

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