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International carrier relations

International carrier relations

Leverage on regional and global opportunities through teaming with us.

Carriers and their multinational corporate clients increasingly demand sophisticated global communication solutions and high quality, cost effective voice services.

The UAE offers a strategic geographical advantage in the middle between Europe and Asia. And now we serve as a communications gateway as well to the Middle East. That's why you can leverage on regional and global opportunities through teaming with us.

We offer Carrier Partners and Service Providers the following range of solutions:

Data services

IPLC, IP VPN, long haul Ethernet and IP transit - these are the core of our International & Wholesale data service offerings, including a one-stop shop to our global partners allowing you to access the UAE and the region...

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International connectivity

In order to meet the communication requirements and business plans of end users, International & Wholesale has an extensive network that spreads over a wide range of international locations and can meet higher volume traffic requirements to both the world’s traditional business centers and the new growing hubs...

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Voice services

We have a world class portfolio of carrier grade international voice partnership solutions. Our International Carrier voice sales team currently manage over 100 direct...

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