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Business Access

Dedicated, secure and reliable point-to-point connectivity for your business branches nationwide or globally.

International Connect IPLC

We offer reliable and secure point to point connectivity from your enterprise location within the UAE to off-shore locations worldwide...

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National Connect (DLC)

National Connect (Domestic Leased Circuit) provides you with dedicated, high speed point-to-point connectivity between any two business locations within the UAE...

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National IP VPN

Keep your business locations connected across the UAE with our cost-effective National IP VPN services...

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Managed LAN

Give your business a managed, secure and high speed Ethernet infrastructure with our Managed Local Area Network solutions...

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Domain Name services

Register, renew or transfer your .ae domain using our accredited services in an easy and affordable way. We can also register other top-level domains such as .com and .net as well...

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Business Managed TV

Managed TV is the ideal solution for hospitality businesses like hotels. Give your guests television channels from around the world to match their lifestyle preferences...

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